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From fat to fit Week 16 (07.04.14)

I’ve gone great guns this week and feel pretty pleased with myself (and a bit achy if I’m honest).

So – on to this weeks regime.

Tuesday– Thanks to mother-in-law babysitting I managed to get to my Zumba class again. I followed this with completing my core program with TVA exercises. You can read more about how to exercise correctly post pregnancy from

Wednesday – I managed to get to the gym to do an actual gym workout for the first time in months.
Treadmill 30 mins interval pyramid walking/jogging/running training
Core TVA exercises
3kg weighted lunges Rx12 Lx12
3kg shoulder press x 10
3kg chest fly x 10
3kg deadlifts x1Repeat

Friday – gym (again – get me!)
Treadmill 20 mins – Pyramid Training
Rower 2000m interval training 200m moderate, 200m high intensity, alternating.
Core TVA exercises
Squats x15 2 sets

Sunday – We took the whole family walking at Hepburn Springs. A gorgeous area full of natural spas. It was lovely to make the most of what little sunny weather we have left and get out in the fresh air before winter sets in.

My Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation) is healing well and is down to 1 finger width and I definitely feel like I am getting stronger in my core.

Th th th the . .That’s all folks!


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5 thoughts on “From fat to fit Week 16 (07.04.14)

  1. Whoaaaaa! Look at you. You are such a motivation. I’m currently working on my plan post bub (cos you gotta have a plan Stan 🙂 – look out for a blog post with the same title. ha ha. I’m definitely following that program that you’ve been on. Looks fabulous! Oh and look at you with your deadlifts xxx

  2. You are totally nailing it Rhi, and to have that separation get back to ‘normal’ so quickly, I’ve never known anyone to do it so quickly! Keep it up x

  3. Yeah Rhian! You go girl!

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