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From Fat to Fit – What have I done?

Since the birth of my second baby I have been humming along with my exercise. In the very early weeks post partum I took things very easily, so while getting active, I was also careful to ensure that I was not pushing it too hard too soon.

Even though on some days I felt like I could do more I made sure that I reigned it in so that I didn’t damage my body which was, and still is, healing and repairing itself from pregnancy and labour. This is all without factoring in the broken sleep and extremely demanding 3 year old.

Anyway I have felt for a while that although I am happy to be getting active again I need something to spur me on and keep me going, so that in those times when I really really don’t feel like doing anything, I pretty much have to whether I want to or not.

So I went and found myself a goal.


I have signed up to run the Melbourne Half Marathon

– 13.1 miles
– 21.1 kilometres
– 104.8 furlongs
– 21,100 metres
– 23,056 yards

It is a distance that I have never done anything near before, and something that I genuinely don’t know if I will be able to complete. Which all means that I have to train for it. I absolutely have to because I would not be able to run that distance at the moment. No. Way. In. Hell actually.

Originally I thought (very briefly) about doing one in July but dismissed it as I really didn’t feel comfortable with it being such a short time and I didn’t want to kill myself training for it in such a short space of time risking injury.

Instead I have opted for the main October Melbourne Marathon which will give me 6 months to prepare – physically and mentally.
Training has started and so far I can run . . . . 1km


So you see there is a loooooong road ahead – see what I did there?! You see, you could say that a half marathon is a long road and I have a long way to go so an actual long road and a mental long road. Nothing like a bit of punnage (it’s a word) to lighten the mood.
. . . . Oh and just as an aside – I can’t believe I have to explain my jokes to you people – work with me here. 🙂


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6 thoughts on “From Fat to Fit – What have I done?

  1. OMG OMG OMG! I am sooooo excited for you, you have no idea. You can do this! I am going to bed now but when I wake in the morning, I would like to see this sentence of your post rephrased to…

    “It is a distance that I have never done anything near before, and something that I genuinely KNOW I WILL be able to complete”. 🙂 xox

  2. 🙂 I’m pooing myself to be totally honest Neets!

  3. You can do it!

  4. I hope so Rita!

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