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Down on the Prom

This weekend was the ANZAC day long weekend so we thought we would take advantage of the extra day and head off down to Wilsons promontory with the family and husb mum.

Husb mum is really into walking/hiking type stuff and given that she abandoned any plans to train for her coastal walk taking place in May in order to drop everything pretty much last minute to fly across the world (she hates flying) in order to help us out we thought it was our duty to put her to work give her the training opportunities she needed to be ready for her event.

Wilsons Promontory or Wilsons Prom as it is more commonly known, is located in the Gippsland Region of Victoria, approximately 3 hours from Melbourne.

He writes so well for his age dontcha think?

He writes so well for his age dontcha think?

It is a place that husb and I have been keen to visit since we moved but for some reason or another never quite managed it until now. Even my brother has been and he was only here 3 weeks!

Wilsons Prom is now officially the most southerly point that I have ever been to in the whole wide world.

It is the most beautiful unspoilt amazing place. It is actually really difficult to vocalise the breathtaking views and changing landscape just a few Ks away from each other. Just amazing.

We stayed in Sandy Point a tiny little ‘town’ 45 mins or so from actual Wilsons prom national park. Our accommodation was a fabulous place overlooking Shallow Inlet and was built to make the most of the fabulous views.

It was called Spinifex on the beach, I would totally recommend it if you are ever looking for accommodation down in that part of the world.

We had an action packed weekend away that included watching the sunrise at an ungodly hour on the beach.

Wilsons Prom

We also headed down to Tidal River and did a 6km walk around LillyPilly Gully. We certainly put the all terrain pram through its paces. The Bear was pretty impressive too, walking/running nearly all of it. Although to be fair he probably did double the distance if you include all his running backwards and forwards being Superman, Batman and varying other super heroes.



imageOn Sunday we made our way to Woodside Beach which is the start of 90 mile beach. The weather gods smiled on us and we had a beautiful sunny day playing on the virtually empty beach. Even baby Bear got involved in the action in her bouncer chair, watching her big brother frolic about on the beach.





t was an absolutely fabulous weekend and I can’t believe it has taken us this long to get down to that part of Victoria. The beaches are breathtaking and the mountains, just stunning. It is just so vast and empty of the crowds of people that you would get at somewhere like the various beaches on the Great Ocean Road. Well I say crowds, I mean crowds by Australian standards of course!

imageThere is so much more to explore that I think we will be heading back here time and time again.

Just stunning.



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8 thoughts on “Down on the Prom

  1. Gosh you’re looking great, and I bet the beach and break away was just what you all needed! And yes he is quite the wordsmith! 😉

  2. Looks amazing! I hope the getaway was just what you needed and helped to recharge the batteries! xo

  3. Wilsons Prom is definitely one of my favorite place in Victoria. You described in such a beautiful way: “It is the most beautiful unspoilt amazing place.” So true! I really want to go back there.

  4. What warm memories I cherish of this most beautiful place. Thanks for reminding me of this paradise.

    • It is just beautiful isn’t it. I am afraid I am no photographer so my pictures can in no way do it justice unlike your stunning photographs. I am glad that they reminded you of happy memories though.

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