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From fat to fit – The Whole30 Results

I am feeling good today. As you know I have been eating  the Whole 30 way and today, well today I finished it. Yey Go me!

I went a Whole30 (geddit) days eating no grains, no gluten, no dairy, no refined sugar, no legumes.

I just ate clean, unprocessed food.

Good quality protein in the form of meat, seafood and eggs,

lots of healthy fats – think olives, avocados, healthy oils (no seed oils),

and shedloads of veggies.

I have been eating this way for a month and I have definitely felt a difference in my energy levels, and that is despite the fact I am up most nights feeding the baby Bear.

Anyway enough of that lets get to the good stuff – my results.

Drumroll please!

Running parkrun just prior to starting Whole30

Running parkrun just prior to starting Whole30

Now. After 30 days on Whole30

After 30 days on Whole30

Weight pre Whole30 ~ 64.5kg

weight now ~ 59.6kg

waist before ~ 33.5 inches

waist now ~ 30.5 inches

hips ~ 41 inches

hips now ~ 38 inches

arms ~ 11 inches

arms ~ 10.5 inches

In 1 month I’ve lost 3 inches from my waist, 3 inches from my hips and half an inch from my arms.

And I’ve not been starving myself or calorie counting and I have been eating enough to sustain breastfeeding the Baby Bear as well as exercising, and I’ve not been restricting carbs.

I’m nearly at my pre pregnancy weight now too.

I’m pretty happy with that!



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20 thoughts on “From fat to fit – The Whole30 Results

  1. Oh my Lordy lord! What a transformation. You look amazing! Xxx

  2. I claim all credit! Well done x paleo for life?

    • You should claim the credit, you are my inspiration Mrs! I reckon I’m going to see how far I can take it. Might even challenge you at Crossfit when my belly is back to normal! Love ya x

  3. My goodness in just a month, what a legend! I’m so happy for you, oh the willpower you must have lovely xx

    • Thanks Em you know it actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and because I was eating such a lot I didn’t feel the cravings. In a weird way it is actually easier to go cold
      turkey on all things sugar. X

  4. Jen on said:

    Looking good misses. Well done not an easy change to make for many but even those who are used to being disciplined!! You should feel awesome (especially doing that on top of being a new mummy) !! xx

  5. you look awesome!!!

  6. Well done Rhian! You must feel amazing! So now will you please post 30 days worth of recipe/meal ideas for the rest of us please!? I am struggling big time on lunch and dinner ideas to change things up. xo

    • Thanks Aroha 🙂
      If you want some recipes I can post some good blogs that have great recipes on them. They taste great even if you’re not doing paleo – husb isn’t doing it but he enjoys them all. X

  7. Wow! Amazing! Well done Rhian! You look fabulous!

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  9. Cynthia Addison on said:

    Well done Rhian, you look fantastic. I’ve heard so much about paleo but wasn’t convinced. I might just give it a try! Xx

    • Hey Cynthia, thanks so much. I would highly recommend it, the best bit being that there is no calorie counting involved and I’m not hungry ever.
      Give the book ‘It starts with food’ a read as its a good introduction and explanation of the whole thing.
      If you do try it let me know how you go.
      Hope you and Mark are well. Xxx

      • Cynthia on said:

        Hey Rhian, Mark is good thanks! I really need to shed some pounds, gained so much recently due to a neck injury so was completely sedentary for 3 months!!! I love good food and hate feeling hungry so hopefully me doing Paleo is win win! I will let you know when I start! My love to the family xx

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