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Paying my way (or not).

I should really stop going out. Disaster seems to follow me wherever I go.
I am writing this with my face still burning with embarrassment after what has just happened.
Allow me to explain.

A little background . . .
Husb has been very busy this week, in early/back late – you know the drill. The ‘other woman’ is the acquisition he has been working on.
This state of affairs has meant that I have been doing the bed/bath routine for both of the Bears on my own all week.

Today is Friday and I got a text from husb to say he’s going out for a ‘work’ dinner and won’t be back until late. Once again bed and bath is down to me.
As I was a bit fed up I thought I would take the Bear and Flo-Bear out for pizza as a little treat.
To be clear pizza for the Bear, zucchini salad for me and mummy’s milk for Flo-Bear.
All was going well, the Bear was surprisingly and unusually well behaved doing his colouring as we waited for our pizza. Read more…


Who am I?- 5 paleo websites you’ll love!

Who am I?

I have just made homemade mayonnaise from scratch! (Who knew that Hellmanns doesn’t have the monopoly)image

What’s happened to me?

I spent all day Sunday prepping veggies, roasting veggies, prepping meat, cooking meat. . . I made my own scotch eggs for freaks sake. (They are pretty damn good as it goes).

Who is this person I have turned into?

2 days post partum

2 days post partum

24 weeks post partum

24 weeks post partum

I’ve gotta say I’ve never been a Read more…

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