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Who am I?- 5 paleo websites you’ll love!

Who am I?

I have just made homemade mayonnaise from scratch! (Who knew that Hellmanns doesn’t have the monopoly)image

What’s happened to me?

I spent all day Sunday prepping veggies, roasting veggies, prepping meat, cooking meat. . . I made my own scotch eggs for freaks sake. (They are pretty damn good as it goes).

Who is this person I have turned into?

2 days post partum

2 days post partum

24 weeks post partum

24 weeks post partum

I’ve gotta say I’ve never been a prepper I’m more of a ‘wait until husb gets home then talk about what to eat, realise I didn’t get anything out of the freezer and then decide to get a takeaway’ kinda girl.

So this new me is very . . . . .

Not me.

I am like Martha Frickin Stewart!

I like it though.
I like having a plan.
I like not having to scrat about the house trying to find something suitable to eat and coming up with Cadburys Willy Wonka chocolate (mmmmmm) –

sorry sorry, where was I?!

I like having leftovers in the fridge that I know are good for me and I can heat up quickly.
I like cooking quick tasty nutritious meals because I was organised on the weekend.

You get me?
What I’m saying is I like this new me and I am pretty sure husb also likes this new me too as it means he doesn’t have to worry about my lack of organisation in the evening anymore, he can come home and he knows there is a plan for dinner.
He’s a planner you see.

Well they do say opposites attract!

Anyhoo after my Whole30 results post, a few people have been asking where I get my recipes from and I thought that I would share a few with you.
See there’s another thing I never thought I’d be doing – recipe sharing on my blog. I’m like Gwyneth Paltrow (except for the conscious uncoupling, stupidly named children and million dollar salary of course).

I don’t claim any of these as my own by the way I am recipe follower mostly but these taste amazing whether you are a primal paleo perfectionado (it’s a word!), or just looking for some dinner inspirationy (also a word – seriously what are you the word police!)

One of my favourite recipes that I have cooked a number of times since doing Whole30 is the most amazing Paleo Butter Chicken from

Satisfying my Friday night curry cravings. This does the job nicely.

Satisfying my Friday night curry cravings. This does the job nicely.

You have seriously got to try this, it tastes amayzing and rivals any of the rubbish indian takeaways we get here in Melbs. (Husb attests to this too and if I have his mark of approval it must be good!)
This is fab served with some cauliflower rice or even (gasp!) actual. .rice!
If you’re feeling adventurous try making some paleo naan breads to go with, (or normal ones of course,) is also a brilliant website that has some great easy recipes as well as offering an awesome get started guide. I have made this scotch eggs recipe countless times already and the Bear loves them – score!

Little ball of paleo deliciousness.

Little ball of paleo deliciousness. is a great Aussie site that I recently discovered, these 2 sisters share really yummy sugar free treats and desserts as well as a whole host of other recipes that I am currently working my way through.

I am clearly not a foody photographer am I!

Merrymaker Banana Bread extraordinaire. I am clearly not a foody photographer am I!

I’ve already attempted their paleo banana bread and it was gorge, as well as the raw carrot cakes (complete with icing) check those babies out here.

I discovered the day I started Whole30, this site is brilliant there are loads of really yum recipes on there. It also has a breakdown of 30 days worth of Whole30 recipes so if you want to take the thinking out of deciding what to cook then this is the place to go. Check out the sweet potato hash on day 4 it has become a bit of a staple in my house


I also love (not strictly a paleo website but I made a gorgeous steamed ginger fish recipe from it while I was doing Whole30). There are loads of other gorgeous healthy and easy recipes on here too.

Hope these give you some inspiration.

What’s your favourite healthy/paleo recipe or website? I’m always on the look out for new food ideas – my life does revolve around it!


1st image source 


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7 thoughts on “Who am I?- 5 paleo websites you’ll love!

  1. Hi Rhian! Thanks so much for including our recipes in your round up! You are doing AMAZING things just look at that transformation! #impressive! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Thank you Carla 🙂 and you are very welcome, I love your recipes and I am trying to exercise some self restraint by not make the date caramel slices just yet but I am not sure how much longer I can hold out 🙂
      Keep up the good recipes – I am looking forward to trying some more.
      Btw loving the stuffed mushees too they were yum!

  2. Off to check them out – you look great and WOO HOO to being super organised at meal times x

    • Thanks 🙂
      It is very unlike me I am usually soooo disorganised so this is good.
      How is the detox going? Are you ready to throttle anyone yet? Definitely give these recipes a go when you’ve finished it they are really tasty whether you are eating paleo or not.
      Keep on keeping on – not long to go now!

  3. There you go Rhian! Here I am reading on your blog about delicious recipes! Well done on getting organized and cooking! I’m off to check out some of these recipes especially the carrot cake, yum! You look amazing by the way!

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