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An Awesome Aussie Adventure – Kakadu – Feeding the kids to the crocodiles.

We have just returned back to Melbourne from an awesome 10 day adventure exploring parts of Australia that, if we were honest we were not sure that we would get the opportunity to visit even though we live here.

Having two small children tends to put a different complexion on things and whereas when we were bc (before children) we would be able to, and often did, jump off at the drop of a hat to head off somewhere random for a few days, these days, that is not ‘quite’ so doable. Still doable but it certainly takes a little longer and involves a lot more planning and luggage!

While we were in the Northern Territory we drove over to Kakadu National Park about 3 and a half hours drive from Darwin. Kakadu National Park is an amazing breathtaking place (but more on that in another blog post). So we were really keen to get there while we were up at the ‘Top End’.

On the way to Kakadu we stopped at Corroboree on the Adelaide River to go on the ‘jumping crocodile’ boat trip tour.

It was ruddy scary to be honest, especially as the lady selling us tickets referred to the kids as ‘bait’ before we started the trip. I *think* she was joking?!

That's not a real one in case you were wondering!

That’s not a real one in case you were wondering!

The tour was brilliant if a little scary when you think about being in the middle of crocodile infested waters in a little boat completely surrounded by 10 foot ‘salties’ jumping up for pieces of meat dangling from a flimsy fishing rod over the side of the boat.

imageimageActually when I write it down the fact that we took a lunging 3 year old and a 6 month old would suggest we are pretty stupid I mean adventurous!

Still, despite unwittingly taking our life in our hands we survived to blog the tale and it was onwards into Kakadu. Another 3 hours later and it was still onwards,
and on further
and yet further still to get to our accommodation.

To say Kakadu is a pretty big place is a bit of an understatement.

imageWhile we got into Kakadu National Park, there was still a fair amount of driving to do to get to our accommodation.

It was getting towards the end of the day as we were driving through Kakadu so it was pretty eerie when we were confronted with a road covered in smoke and fires on both sides of the road with the sun starting to set, and not another car on the road.

imageThese are ‘controlled’ fires which are carried out by the Aboriginal people to refresh the ground for new life to grow. There was not another soul about that we could see so I am not sure how controlled they were. So we did the obvious thing and stopped in the middle of it to take a photo or two. The crackling noise as we opened the window was deafeningly loud and pretty scary and awe-inspiring at the same time.

Photos taken we drove onwards into Kakadu . . .


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3 thoughts on “An Awesome Aussie Adventure – Kakadu – Feeding the kids to the crocodiles.

  1. Wow! Scary! How did your son like it? Was he scared? Never heard of these controlled fires. What an interesting concept.

    • He loved it Rita, wasnt scared at all, i dont think he quite realised how dangerous they were. I hadn’t heard of the fires before either, it was very strange driving through them, and there were quite a lot of them, we must have seen about 6 in the time we were there.

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