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An Awesome Aussie Adventure – Kakadu – Ubirr Rock

During our time in Kakadu we also managed to fit in a sunset trip to Ubirr rock. As usual we cut it pretty fine as we didn’t realise how long it would take us to get there and they close the path up if you are not there by dusk so it was pretty hairy trying to get there on time, we managed it – just!

Ubirr Rock is an amazing aboriginal art site as well as the setting for a number of scenes in Crocodile Dundee.

That's not a knife, THIS is a knife!

That’s not a knife, THIS is a knife!

I am slowly ticking off filming locations as I go. (Although I still haven’t done Neighbours which is the closest – shame on me!)

Back to Ubirr, we weren’t sure if we would actually manage to get up there at all as we had Flo-Bear in the pram. It is an all terrain pram and has seen some pretty rough terrain, you know because we are rugged outdoorsy types and all! ;but as we were getting everyone ready in the car park there were a few people commenting that we were brave for attempting it, there were a lot of “rather you than me’s” and a couple of  “are you crazy’s”. Not to be put off, and yes because we are crazy we headed up the rocky path with the pram.

Along the way there was some amazing art in the rocks, they were amazing to look at on their own but Ubirr Rock also has a guided tour of the art site with an Aboriginal Park ranger who explains the history and the story behind all of the art that you can see.

image We were a bit too late to join the tour (quel surprise!) but as we were marching up the rock we did catch up with the tour. Probably a good job we didn’t join it as it was very quiet with everyone listening and the Bear probably wouldn’t have managed to keep quiet or stay still long enough for us to listen anyway.

imageimageimageWe managed to make it most of the way up the path with the pram until we had to give in, abandon the pram and switch to sling mode instead. This got us most of the way up the rest of the rocky path but in the end we had to admit defeat and husb and I took it in turns to climb the last bit to the summit with the Bear while the other stayed a bit further down with Flo-Bear.

The views at the top were absolutely breathtaking. A sweeping panorama of Billabongs, Wetlands and lush vegetation and wildlife as far as the eye could see.

imageimageimageAt one point I found myself sitting in the shade just below the summit on a rock, feeding FloBear and just taking in the pure stillness and serenity of the place. With no one around just for a few minutes. Talk about extreme breast feeding!

There really was something about the place, something, a quality that I could almost feel the Aboriginal spirits in the place.

It really was a spiritual experience – for all of 5 seconds until the serene atmosphere was shatteringly broken by a bellowing 3 year old screaming for his mum to look at the ‘gross bug’ on the rock.

Yep that would be my bellowing 3 year old.


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2 thoughts on “An Awesome Aussie Adventure – Kakadu – Ubirr Rock

  1. Loving reading about this trip so far. It’s one I bet most Aussies would never make, us included! Hopefully “one day”…until then I’ll just live vicariously through your pics and blog posts! 🙂

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