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An Awesome Aussie Adventure – Airborne over Kakadu

On our last night in Kakadu husb announced that he had a surprise planned for the morning.

I was very excited as I had no idea what it could be.

The next morning we packed up all of our gear and headed off onto the open road.

Turns out we were off to Jabiru airport to take a scenic flight over Kakadu and the surrounding area of Arnhemland- an early birthday present from the Bear and BabyBear.

imageArnhemland is an area that is not part of Kakadu National Park and was handed back to the traditional Aboriginal owners some years ago to govern and manage how they please.

imageVisitors to Arnhemland are very limited to only arranged tour visits to pre agreed sights only, so to have the opportunity to see the unspoilt rawness that is this area was just amazing.

imageWe flew low over the area, of which most has never been touched by a human, not even walked through, even the Aboriginal owners have not stepped foot in many of these areas.image

It is truly one of the last untouched places left on earth and to be able to see this place in all of its natural panoramic breathtaking beauty was a privilege that few have managed and I am honoured to have been able to see it.

imageIt was an absolutely awesome experience . . . Tempered only by my propensity to vomit repeatedly into a ‘spew bag’. (Sorry did I ruin the image!)

There’s always one eh! And yup it’s usually me.image

imageI am rather proud though as I was the only passenger to have earned such a special ‘souvenir’ out of the other 5 people on the flight. 2 of those being my children who both slept through most of the flight!



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2 thoughts on “An Awesome Aussie Adventure – Airborne over Kakadu

  1. Wow an awesome hubby!!! I bet it was exhilarating. Cute pic of headset on babes.. x

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