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From Fat to Fit – The downs, the ups and running ‘The Paleo Way’

A brief interruption to holiday programming to up date you on how I’ve been going in my Fat to Fit Series.

Since the start of the year I have been documenting my journey back to my ‘old self’ since the birth of my second Gorge Bag child in Mid December.

You can read how it all started here, where I explained the background and what I was aiming to do.

I have had some ups and downs since I started. I started off mentally strong and super motivated to get back to full fitness and lose the baby weight. I did my own circuits around the park with baby bear while the (original) Bear was in Kinder or crèche and while I did keep that up, I began to struggle after a few weeks.

The sheer lack of sleep coupled with looking after a very busy 3 year old who was, let’s just say ‘adjusting’ to the new addition and leave it at that!, coupled with having no family around to help at all meant I struggled to manage day to day let alone fit in any exercise. I was eating crap, kidding myself that I needed the extra calories for breastfeeding and I actually put on more weight after the birth. On top of feeling like a rubbish mum for not being able to cope, I also started to feel rubbish when I looked in the mirror – all I saw was a big fat milking machine. Not pretty.

That was the down.

Then there was the up.
Something had to change, and then I read a blog post from my bessie in the UK, who documented how she had turned to Paleo eating. The change in her was amazing and I figured ‘I gots to get me some o dat’ (American accent obligatory).

So I made the change to Paleo eating and the results were brilliant for me. You can see my before and after pics here. I felt so much better and it was such a great feeling to be able to fit into all my old holiday clothes and not feel like a heffer. (Mainly because it is winter here so I wouldn’t have been able to find anything to wear anyway).

I uhmmed and ahhed about whether to post a bikini pic, because I don’t want to be ‘that’ girl but you know what I am really proud of how far I’ve come so I’m gonna. Look away now if you don’t want to see.

There's no mistaking the milky white translucent English skin eh!

There’s no mistaking the milky white translucent English skin eh!

I still have a lot to learn though and my lovely friend Fitmotherhubbard won tickets to ‘The Paleo Way’ conference taking place in Melbourne next week with celebrity SuperChef Pete Evans and I’m going with her woooop. So I look forward to learning more and updating you on what I learnt from it.

The Paleo Way

In addition to the diet changes I also signed up for the Melbourne Half marathon in October and have been quietly working towards that goal.

Training is going slowly but steadily, I’m never going to be winning any speed medals obviously, but I am taking it gently so that I don’t injure myself. I’m gradually increasing my distance in my mid-week run and I am now up to 8K. Only another 13.1K to add to that and I will be there!

I am now also regularly doing parkrun again on a Saturday and am using this to try to increase the speed at which I run. I am still waaaaay off my Personal Best but my times have been improving since I re-started at parkrun so it is great that I can see progress, I like that my results are recorded and logged each week so I can see how I am tracking against my goal. parkrun (it’s supposed to be a lower case p) is a great training tool to use, they operate all over the UK and Australia and are spreading like wildfire around the rest of the world too, click here to see if there is one near you.

I will be starting to work with my running coach friend in the next week or two, so that should focus me on what I need to do and how to do it safely.

Fast running friend is also returning to Melbourne soon so I will be enlisting her help too (she doesn’t know yet!) because she was my pacer when I ran my PB at parkrun and as her name suggests I figure she is a good one to help.

As a result of my change of eating and my half marathon training I am now almost back to my pre pregnancy weight now too YEY. Just a few more kgs to shift and then I am done with the weight loss and concentrating much more on my strength and my fitness.

I’m starting to feel like my old self again. I’m really enjoying my exercise and paradoxically, even when I’ve had no sleep at all, I still feel motivated to exercise as I have more energy when I exercise and it really does lift my mood. Even in the cold, windy, rainy Melbourne winter.

You can wipe that smug look off your faces UK readers!


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8 thoughts on “From Fat to Fit – The downs, the ups and running ‘The Paleo Way’

  1. I’m very very happy for you, you have done all the hard work and deserve to feel fab. With all that you have going on I am in awe of your fab body! GO YOU! Give Neets a hug from me won’t you? x

  2. Anna on said:

    You look AMAZING Rhe. Well done sweetie. Xxx

  3. Great results Rhian. Keep up the awesome work. Bring on next Tuesday! X

  4. If I looked like that I’d totally be posting bikini pics, ALL. THE. TIME! I hope you weren’t snorkeling up the top end though, with all the crocs! 🙂 You look fab! Well done!

  5. Thank you Aroha, I did feel a bit weird about posting it but then thought, I am pleased with how far I’ve come so I might as well. Definitely no snorkling around Darwin, I wouldnt even put my toe in the water, between the salties and the stingers I was a bag of nerves! Xx

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