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Happy Blogging Birthday to me.

Can you believe that I’ve only just realised at 5pm this evening that today is my bloggy birthday! How rubbish am I? (Don’t answer that).

My blog is 2 years old! I’m officially a toddler blog. I’m a bit of a late developer to be honest, I reckon I’m only just at the shaky first steps as I am not quite where I want to be with it yet. My blog is definitely a work in progress.

For those of you who are still reading my blog thank you very much for your support, your social media sharing and your comment love. I really do appreciate it. I know my blog has been a bit all over the place over the last few months, and I’ve not been very consistent with blogging regularly. My posts are a bit scattergun, one minute I’m regaling you with tales of my narcolepsy, the next how I am breaking the law, the next I’m recipe blogging and then the next minute I’m giving you my inner thigh measurements! Talk about wide ranging!

Hopefully this year I will find my blogging niche.

Thank you for sticking with me – and if you didn’t stick with me then you won’t be reading this anyway so the joke’s on you yeah!

What do you think my niche can be? Do I need a niche? Does anybody care?

Possibly not, but I’ll power on through, blogging on regardless.

Here’s to finding my niche eh!


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8 thoughts on “Happy Blogging Birthday to me.

  1. Hip hip hooray. Happy Blogiversary to you. Nah you don’t need a niche. You’re a great writer. You write from the heart & that’s what matters. Oh & you’re funny too. Not many people have that knack. (Is knack a word?) Keep being awesome xxx

  2. Wouhou! Huge Happy Second Blog anniversary! It’s a great achievement! and many more years of blogging!

  3. Wow two years! Go you – my blog’s 2nd birthday is in October! And I’m nicheless like you but meh who cares!

  4. Happy blogging birthday! I don’t think you need a niche. I think niche’s are over rated, and who wants to be boxed into a corner?!

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