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An Awesome Aussie Adventure – Port Douglas – Daintree, Mossman Gorge and Cape Tribulation.

During our stint in Port Douglas we headed off on a couple of day trips up to Mossman Gorge, Daintree National Park and Cape Tribulation.

imageIt was quite a trip over to Cape Tribulation through the National Park. Very beautiful whilst also being a bit eeie at the same time, we couldn’t see or hear any wildlife at all even though the signs told us to beware of the Casowary’s that inhabit the area. It was strange, very very quiet and untouched. There were a lot of camp sites dotted about, not sure I’d like to camp though, it was all a bit ‘Wolf Creek’ for my liking.

We got the car ferry over the Daintree River into the National Park, it reminded me very much of when got the ferry over to Lake Titicaca, very rickety rackety.

Daintree is a great place for children, the visitors centre has loads of treetop walks and interactive things for the kids to do. It was our aim to stop in there on our way back but unfortunately time got away from us as husb was determined to power on through to Cape Tribulation. Come hell or high water he was getting us there. . .
Then we reached the end of the road.

The actual end of the road.

The rest of the road is dirt track only accessible by 4wd at certain times of the year to get to Cooktown.
At the end of the road is Cape Tribulation, and it’s beautiful.imageCompletely empty of people and with a dramatic backdrop of lush mountains covered with tropical plants and its own weather system on the tops  of the hills. Grey and white clouds full of precipitation, swirling around, making the tops of the mountain invisible.




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