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Why Disney have been lying to us.

I’m in a state of shock as I write this, still reeling from the recently discovered revelation that Disney have been lying to our precious children. Yes, since 2003 Disney have been letting our future generation believe blatant untruths when the reality is completely different.

We need to talk about Nemo. . . .

You know, Nemo, the little Clownfish son of Marlin, who grew up in a single parent family, raised by his father after the tragic death of his mother Coral and unborn siblings at the fins of a terrifying Barracuda.

Nemo, who, one fateful day was captured.

Disney would have you believe that Nemo’s father set off on an amazing journey searching the oceans wide in his quest to find his only son.

Disney would have you believe that Marlin made all sorts of new friends on his journey of self discovery.

That well-loved story – not true, a lie, a fabrication, an . . . other word for lie.

imageWhile we were on our Great Barrier Reef tour I finally learnt the truth that Disney have been hiding for so long, from the onboard marine biologist.

So here’s the deal.

Nemo was a girl.
Yup a girl.
Not only that,
So, in fact was Nemo’s daddy, who was actually his mummy after his real mummy died.
You get me?

Well it is all quite simple really.
You see, as soon as the Clownfish leave their little anemone home they have a sex change, turning into females.
There can only ever be 1 female per anemone so if the female dies, the next one to leave the anemone has a sex change, therefore turning into the female.
Still following?

So technically when Nemo’s mum died, Marlin should have turned female.
Then when Nemo left the anemone he should have turned female too.

That whole film, an utter sham.

I mean they’ve been lying about Nemo, what else could they been lying about?
Is Woody really a Cowboy?
How does Lightening McQueen hear when he has no ears?
How does Princess Elsa’s hair stay in such beautiful condition when she lives in a perpetual snowstorm without wearing a hat?

I just don’t know what to believe anymore.



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16 thoughts on “Why Disney have been lying to us.

  1. I’m traumatised! Not Disney!

  2. Hahaha this really made me chuckle. Just to add as well in Latin ‘Nemo’ means no one so actually it’s ‘finding no one’ x x

  3. Well this is good to know! I’ve also wondered how Rapunzel in Tangled could handle walking on grass when she had been locked in her tower all her life? But I still love Disney. 🙂

  4. Well, you learn something new and hilarious every day! 😉

  5. Bloody Disney. I used to watch The Wonderful World of Disney on a Sunday night when I was a kid and I was promised the whole fairytale – prince, romantic life-saving kiss, wedding with lots of fairytale characters and yet…. bloody single and in my 40s. Bloody Disney! 😉

  6. Classic, but this is one truth I was NOT be telling my kids! x

  7. I confess that when I hear the word Nemo, I think of this wonderful Finnish symphonic rock number:

    This Nemo’s definitely female.

  8. Thank God the disgusting multi-national behemoth has finally been exposed for what it truly is. A money making venture completely without morals or a scintilla of decency.

    Next, we’ll find out that snow white was nothing more than a loose lady who had a dwarf fetish and enjoyed their company a little too closely.

    Bloody Disney!!!!

    PS. I still like Nemo though.

  9. Hahaha! You’re hilarious! OMG the shock!

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