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I confess – I’ve been having an affair

Bless me blog readers for I have sinned, it has been too long since my last confession and the weight of guilt weighs heavy on my heart. I must get it off my chest, I must assuage the guilt.

I could give you all sorts of excuses, I was lonely, my husb doesn’t understand me; but the truth is, it was all me.
I started the whole thing. It was upon my selfish insistence that my loving husb finally gave in simply to make me happy. And how do I repay him?

By having an affair.

There I’ve said it.

I can feel the guilt start to lift as I finally get this off my chest. It feels so good.

It all started off as a bit of fun, a laugh, nothing too serious. We would see each maybe once every couple of weeks for a few hours and I genuinely had no intention of it being anything other than a few hours here and there.

But what we had was addictive, all too soon I was drawn in further and before I knew it,
I was falling in love.

Looking back now it is hard to see at which point we made the leap from casual acquaintances to something more.

Was it the roast chicken we shared?
Or maybe it was before that when we enjoyed the pulled pork together. We hit a bumpy patch with the beef cheeks but we moved on and all was forgiven by the time we cooked the lamb shoulder together.

You were intoxicating.

I was hooked.

I loved that you took your time to satisfy my needs. There was no rush with you, in fact the longer the anticipation, the more fulfilling it was for me. Your embrace would envelop me as I entered the house and all the self-control that I had would disappear at the very scent of you.

There were three of us in this marriage, me, the husb and the slow cooker.


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5 thoughts on “I confess – I’ve been having an affair

  1. Oh Stephen is going to love this! Brilliant x

  2. Rhian! You make me laugh all the time! Everyone is been going on at the multiple advantages of a slow cooker. I think I must check it out!

  3. I read this in bed this morning and it was a funny way to start the day! xxx

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