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Celebrating the #littlevictories

Since husb and I started to change our eating habits, moving away from sugary processed foods and working towards a ‘cleaner’ diet, free from chemical nasties, preservatives, ingredients I can’t pronounce and refined sugar there is absolutely no doubt that we both feel and look better for it.

Did I mention that husb jumped on my paleo bandwagon too and is really feeling the benefit? No? Well he did . . . And he is!

Which brings me to the Bear.
We have never fed him particularly badly in the scheme of things considering what he could be eating, but now that I am much more aware of hidden sugars and yucky chemical flavour enhancers and preservatives in foods it has made me really look at what we are feeding him. Just one look at some of the foods marketed at kids these days is enough to shock you, most of the ingredients I wouldn’t even recognise as actual foodstuffs.

Since we ‘turned paleo’ we have been cooking much more, especially for breakfast. It has been out with the cereal for us (even the so called ‘healthy’ muesli which when you look at the ingredients is full of sugar and preservatives) and in with a plate full of nutrient dense veggies, some carbs, healthy fats and good quality protein. Given this huge change in how I am eating the Bear has started to establish a real interest in what I’m doing. Coming to see me asking what I am having and helping when he’s in the mood.

Obviously I am really keen to get him eating more of the same good quality nutritional food as we do all the time but I also know that with young kids patience is the key.
I’m not pushing it I am introducing little things here and there.
I offer him whatever is on my plate to try if he wants to.
I’ve swapped margarine for good quality organic grass fed butter – He hasn’t even noticed. WIN
I’ve started making my own jam (takes all of 5 minutes) he loves it – WIN
I make scotch eggs – he takes them for lunch – WIN
I’ve swapped sugar laden tomato ketchup with homemade ketchup which seriously tastes better – WIN
I’ve changed my banana muffin recipe to a version with no sugar and smuggled veggies into it (sounds gross but go with me here, it’s good). He chomps away on them like there’s no tomorrow so I am taking that for the WIN too.

imageOf course being a child we have a fair amount of fails too.

My ‘Incredible Hulk’ pancakes that I thought would definitely be a hit – not so much. Who knew he didn’t like the Incredible Hulk eh! – FAIL
And we still do sandwiches for his lunch, but not everyday anymore so I am taking that as a win too. (It’s my blog I can if I want to! )
Also starting to wish I hadn’t let him try my smoked salmon now, his obsession with it is sending us bankrupt!

In all seriousness though, I have actually been really surprised with the food that the Bear likes. I don’t think I have been giving him enough credit, I’ve been thinking he won’t like it so I don’t give it to him, instead sticking to foods I know he will eat.

But he has really pleasantly surprised me, the other day I made him soup with home made bone broth, chicken and veggies etc (put a bit of pasta in as well – don’t tell anyone) and as he was chomping away on it he said completely unprompted (honest) “this is very good mummy”.

I nearly fell off my chair!

I’m trying to appear nonchalant about the whole thing because I know if he realises it is so important to me he will state that it is disgusting without even trying it.

But inside I’m hi-fiving myself and doing the running man with each step away from processed food and each step nearer to a clean eating diet.

Each new food he tries is a little victory.

I’m on Instagram (finally) @melbsrhian and I’m going to be sharing my little victories with the hashtag #littlevictories

Are you trying to get your kids to eat more healthily? Or do you want some healthy inspiration?

Follow me on instagram and each time you manage to get something healthy into the kids (it doesn’t have to be paleo) or get them to try something new, no matter how small you think the victory is, take a pic, whack it on instagram and hashtag #littlevictories so that we can be inspired together to do the best for our kids. 

I am certainly way off perfect and I am not holding myself up as anything other than a normal mum trying to do the best I can for my kids, but rather than beat myself up over the fact he ate some shhhh. . . baked beans! I’m going to celebrate the successes.

Are you with me?

By the way you may have noticed that I haven’t included Flo-Bear in my quest, well she is but she’s too young to know any different so no persuasion needed/no choice in the matter! Sorry Flo-Bear- love you!


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4 thoughts on “Celebrating the #littlevictories

  1. Love this Rhian & couldn’t agree more, it’s the little victories! I’m in in in! X

  2. How did you get started? This is something I think about often, but when I start looking up recipes, menus, food ideas it all feels “too hard.” I have 2 fussy male eaters at home, and while I’m not particularly fussy, I am incredibly lazy. Any tips on getting started???

    • My advice would be to just keep it really simple to start with. Don’t worry too much about complicated recipes or you will lose the will pretty quickly if spending hours in the kitchen aint your thing. Just ramp up your veg intake to start with, ditch the seed oils and start cooking with coconut oil instead. It’s much better for you. Can get it in Woolies. Key thing is to plan and prep and that will save you loads of time when you’re trying to cook in the week. You can poach chicken breasts so you have them ready to go for lunch, quick dinner etc. Cut up your veggies in bulk so they’re ready to go for cooking. You could even roast some to have later in the week. I cook in bulk now, always do more veg than I need for the meal so I can stick in the fridge and have quick food to hand. I had to go out and buy a tonne of Tupperware though, my fridge and freezer is full of tupperware boxes now! Hope that helps 😀


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