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Half marathon jitters!

Today is Tuesday, in case you didn’t know!

No wait don’t go I’m really going somewhere with this honestly!
Ok, so, today is Tuesday which means that it is 5 days to the weekend which means that in just 5 days I am going to be running in my first ever half marathon. . .

Weeeeeell I say running it, clearly I am using the word in the loosest possible way. What I mean is I will be dragging my gammy right limb all the way round the 21.1kms to (hopefully) finish up in the mighty ‘G’. (MCG – aka Melbourne Cricket Ground) .

Since I finished my longest training run (and longest run of my life – ever) of 18k a couple of weeks ago my knee has been playing up in spectacular fashion. I’ve had many a diagnosis including patella tendinopothy, and ITB issues all the way down to the ‘very technical’ tight arse – granted that wasn’t from a medical professional.
Ah, If only that was meant in the way I wish it was!

Anyhoo, having not run for 11 days as I tried to rest my knee, I decided to do a loosener today. My last before Sunday and alas 5 minutes in the knee began hurting again.

Not boding well.

I’ve also been recommended a shedload of drugs to help me through on race day too, none of which I can actually take because I am breastfeeding.


I’ve been stretched within and inch of my life today by the PT at the gym and he’s recommended a chiropractor in a last ditch attempt to run pain free on Sunday. So I am off to see him tomorrow.

So at the moment my plan is to . . . . Ah who am I kidding? I have no plan!

Did I say Awesome?

You know that proverb about the hardest race being in your mind (or something),

It’s crap!


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15 thoughts on “Half marathon jitters!

  1. Oh ouch that sounds a lot of pain but I hope the day goes well!! You could just run really really really slowly?

  2. Paula Cummings on said:

    Is it ok to run if you’ve got an injury? If the medics are happy with it, then great. πŸ™‚ I’m sure you will be fab…focus on the euphoria you’ll feel at the end when it sinks in that you DID it. Bit like me and S climbing Snowdon. Can’t say I enjoyed it, but I was high as a kite for days after, for having done something pretty challenging. πŸ™‚

  3. Paula Cummings on said:

    Are you ok to run if you’ve got an injury? If the medics are happy, then I’m sure you’ll be fab.

    Focus on the massive high you’ll feel at the end, when it hits you that you DID it. Bit like me and S climbing Snowdon….didn’t exactly enjoy the process but I was high as a kite for days after, because I’d finished something pretty tough. Go Rhi. πŸ™‚

  4. Paula Cummings on said:

    I appear to have posted twice. First one didn’t appear. Oh well!

  5. My goodness what an inspiration you are – all the best and I hope that you’re injury holds up x

  6. Just take it easy – you can do it :o) Slow and steady wins the race – well, maybe not wins, but gets you round ;o)

  7. Oh love, it should be such an exciting time leading up to your first half. Injuries suck but I know that on the day, the adrenalin will kick in & your mind will get you through it. I can’t wait to cheer you on!! Also you can take voltaren 25 whilst breastfeeding. I got that cleared by the australian substance board. Ok I just made that up but you know the mob that I’m talking about πŸ™‚ x

    • I meant that I made up the name of the company but you can actually take voltaren 25 πŸ™‚

      • Ha ha good I’m glad you’re not giving me unauthorised medical advice!!! I’m just so annoyed after training for so long and doing it by the book being careful and being so ready for it in all the other areas and the stupid thing gets worse. It has made me much apprehensive now because I know I’m going to be in pain from the get go.

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