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We made it! – the first year.

Today is not just 17th December 2014.
Today is the very special day that we celebrate

welcoming our beautiful little baby girl into the world.
image1 year ago this very day our second baby came hurtling into the world at a speed of knots.
One minute I was making mince pies and giving them to the Bear to sample and the next I was in full on labour, trying to hide it from him while giving him his dinner and waiting for husb to get home from work.

Fab mincers if I do say so myself.

Fab mincers if I do say so myself.

I remember very clearly how I felt at every point of that time, from the first is it/Isn’t it? contractions to the full on (almost birth) in the back of the car. To getting to the hospital and pushing her out all within 15 minutes.image
I remember the unconditional love I was flooded with as I looked into her dark eyes and for a few moments I lost myself in those deep eyes. I remember just staring and staring at this perfect little bundle we’d created.image

And now, we are celebrating her 1st Birthday in the beautiful Whitsundays.
How did that happen? imageAll I did was blink and suddenly she’s nearly walking she’s her own little person and my heart is filled with love to bursting point every time I look at her and her gorgeous big Bear brother.

imageHappy 1st Birthday my Angel, Florence Daisy.
I love you xxxx


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4 thoughts on “We made it! – the first year.

  1. I too am celebrating my second child’s birthday – but his 5th! Oh the years fly by. Having a baby a week before Christmas sure is busy huh! x

    • Yup! I am realising you have to be organised- not my strong point!
      Althought at least she is too young to notice! Happy happy birthday to
      Your little man too xxxx

  2. Happy happy Birthday Florence. Wow how time flies. Before you know it, we’ll be celebrating her 18th. Ok I’ll ease up now xxx

  3. Heidi on said:

    Oh those eyes!!! Happy birthday you beautiful little angel xxx

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