Blogging from Down Under

I’m still here . . .

So, long time no see, or hear, or in fact any form of communication at all. 

My Bad – Soz!

You’ve probably either

a) completely forgotten about me or

b) wondered if I have disappeared off the face of the planet


b) then a)

Well, you’ll be ecstatic so see that I am in fact still around.

The truth of it is that organisation is not one of my key strengths and I’ve had quite a lot going on of late so the blog was the thing to suffer – then I got out of the habit of doing it, then I had not been into it for so long, I couldn’t remember my password, then I inputted the wrong one 3 times and well you get the gist eh!

Still its all good – here I am.

Aaaaanyway, moving on from my (very slight) blog hiatus in the time that I have not been blogging, I’ve changed.

Yes, it has been a while and it was the other day that I realised, when looking in the mirror, that I no longer recognise myself.


My sister has been staying with us, she’s gone home now boo, sad face etc but we decided to go out for a meal together on her last night to say bye and get drunk.

Now I don’t get out very often, so the prospect of going out for a nice meal was very exciting and despite it being a school night, I thought I’d doll myself up a bit in honour of the occasion.

I showered etc and was about to apply my ‘bombshell’ makeup when I realised that my skin was the colour of mushroom soup and looked as dry as the outback. Quickly realising that no amount of brightening foundation was going to sort it  out I thought I would give myself a quick face scrub to slough off all the dead skin and attempt to bring it to life.

Unfortch, no face scrub left – dammit.

So next best thing, I fashioned together a detoxifying facial scrub from my kitchen cupboard.

Yep, thats right – the kitchen.

Next thing I know I have a thick sticky combo of mashed avocado, coconut oil and himalayan rock salt smushed all over my face!

I’ve got to be honest – I’m not entirely sure what possessed me, but I scrubbed away until I could scrub no more (and drew some blood – oops) before finally rinsing off to reveal bright shining and red raw skin underneath.

I may have gone a touch overboard.

Still, onwards and upwards, I moisturised and applied my makeup as usual and I’ve got to say the end result wasn’t half bad. . . .

But . . . .

And there is always a but . . . .

I may have overdone it with the salt, my lips stung a lot. Giving a whole new meaning to the term ‘beestung lips’, plus – and this is not an insignifacant one, all my food tasted like salt,

Salty chicken liver pate anyone?

Can I tempt you with salty venison?

How about salty pistachio souffle?

Still, it wasn’t all bad, at least we got some money off our bill – I mean it’s not my fault the chef can’t season the food properly is it?




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8 thoughts on “I’m still here . . .

  1. anna on said:

    Yeahy. Welcome back Rhe. Have missed your blogs. Looking forward to the next instalment xxx

  2. Woohoo! Welcome back lovely. Looking as fabulous as always. xxx

  3. HELLO! I did wonder where you had gone, welcome back. You are looking gorgeous in that photo. All the food, yummo

  4. You look gorgeous Rhian! Nice to have you back! I’ve been in and out of the blogging world myself for the past few months.

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