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This time last year . . .(Better late than never)

So now that I’m sort of back on track with the Ol’ blog age I realised that I have a number of blogs in my drafts and I am not sure why I didn’t post them. 

So I thought, better 5 months late than never eh! Hopefully after reading it you’ll feel that missing void that you could never quite put your finger on, has been filled. 

Or you’ll wonder why I bothered – but still hey ho here we go! 

Things were so different when I look back to this time last year.

Last year baby Bear was just 9 days old so a lot of it is actually a bit of a blur in my memory due to the multiple night wakings, cluster feedings and having only just been released from hospital.

I remember Christmas Day last year being a pretty quiet one. Husb basically single handedly ran the Christmas show while I was attached the sofa all day with a tiny baby attached to me.

This year was a whole load of different, the Bear was so much more into the whole Santa thing even more than last year. This year he understood it all so much more and he has been singing Christmas songs since the 1st December.

And the baby Bear is her own little person now, she still doesn’t get the present business, so the Bear basically got to open 2 lots of presents under the premise of ‘helping’ her, but it was all very cute.

It was  a small one – just the four of us and given the fact that my mum has just returned to the UK after visiting us  it was quiet.

This is when I miss being in the UK, missing out on the big family get togethers, catching up with old old friends.

An aussie Christmas takes a bit of getting used to, the heat is just – weird!

Merry Christmas xxxx


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