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Red Carpets, Champers and a bit of theatre darling!

So last night was not your typical Sunday ‘go to bed early, get ready for the week ahead’ night for me. It was a bit of a crazy one where, literally, ‘Anything Goes’.

Yep, last night I was invited to attend the opening night of ‘Anything Goes’ at the Princess Theatre in Melbourne.

Did you see what I did there?! You see ‘Anything Goes the show and a night where anything goes – oh come on – that was good. Work with me here!

Anyway, I was really keen to go as I love the theatre and jumped at the chance, I don’t often get to go as husb would rather gouge his eyes out with a rusty fork then go to the theatre is not a theatre lover!

‘Anything Goes’ is a classic Cole Porter musical and having never seen it before it was right up my street. I do love a good dance number, and Anything Goes really did deliver, on all counts.

The dancing was on point, the comedy timed to perfection and the singing was just incredible. I sat in awe mesmerised by the whole production. It was absolutely fantastic and I would highly recommend those who are in Melbs or are visiting to go and see it. It has a limited season here so get in quick.

I must admit that when my friend asked me to go as her date, I assumed we would just go to the theatre, watch the show, have a lovely time and go home.

But No . . . .

There was a red carpet (I owned it – like a Boss). *cough*

Don’t you just hate it when you both turn up wearing the same hat! Fash faux pas. Still I think we styled it out pretty well!!

I posed for the paparazzi, who, strangely took no photos! Rude.

There were s’lebs!

There was champagne,

There was a pre-show exclusive party,

There was champagne,

There was the awesome stage show,

There was champagne,

There was the after show party,

There was champagne,

There were the Real Housewives of Melbourne,

There was champagne,

Did I mention there was champagne?

I must say I am not used to all this hobnobbing but I had the most fabulous night and I don’t even care that my head is banging like I’ve been hit by a sledgehammer and my stomach is swishing around like a washing machine on spin cycle.

Well I do care a bit.

But I had the best night, I could so get used to all this mingling with the Melbourne set!

**This is not a sponsored post. I just had the bestest time and wanted to share the ‘Anything Goes’ love. Go see it people . . . . . .


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