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New Frontiers – New Zealand – Queenstown

New Zealand – Part 2

Yeah I know it’s a bit delayed.  Did you miss me?! Soz I’ve had a bit on my plate, but I’m back now so all is right with the world again! Anyway on to Part 2 of our NZ hols.  . . .

Our recent holiday to New Zealand wasn’t just about skiing which is why we chose to stay in Queenstown – or QTown as the locals call it (actually I have no idea if they do but I like it! Welcome to QTooown said with an American accent!) I don’t know why I’m telling you this , this is a tangent let’s move on:-

As our 3 hour flight came into land at the tiny QT Airport (I’m abbreviating even more now, think I need to chill) the scenery we were greeted with, through the small window of the plane was absolutely breathtaking.

 In order to land, the plane has to descend into the valley to avoid a mountainous crash landing and it then follows the river through the valley until it opens up to display the beautiful Lake Wakatipu and Queenstown nestled between the mountains in the valley around the lake.

 Although I didn’t get to gaze at the scenery for long before child 2 attempted to launch herself at the steward walking down the aisle with the food trolley (she is a gannet) I got to see enough to be pretty blown away by it.

 On closer inspection it was just as beautiful, the water of Lake Wakatipu was crystal clear (and very cold).

 Queenstown has much to offer besides being the gateway to the ski fields, it is a smallish town but has many attractions such as the outdoor activities,  we saw para gliders jet skiers and heli rides amongst other things.

We stayed at the Glebe apartments which were really handily located for everything, just a short walk into town and the attractions. Our apartment was great – somehow we managed to score a 3 bedroom apartment so we had plenty of room to destroy the joint play!

 Queenstown is also home to the Queenstown Skyline,  a cable car that takes you up to the top of the mountain, where, besides the beautiful views there is lots of action packed stuff on offer – like throwing yourself head first off the side of a mountain with your feet tied together and no hope of escape – or as some call it,  bungee jumping. As well as an awesome luging track and cycle routes.

 For those less inclined to be thrown to their imminent death there is a choice of reataurants serving really good food , I may have taken that choice and indulged in a cake or ten.

 We did however, take the opportunity to go luging courtesy of my lovely friend from school who works there *waves*.

So weird and brilliant that we managed to meet up on the other side of the world, so far from our old hometown in England. It was so lovely to see her and catch up on *cough* 20 (!) years worth of life in 20 minutes! Not long enough, but I’m sure we will be back to NZ to visit again and we will have a proper longer catch up. 20 years though really – how is this possible in my head I’m a sprightly 18 year old!

The luging was so much fun and a definite ‘must do’ if you travel to Queenstown, there is a choice of 2 tracks, the scenic route or the crazy route (don’t think they call it that), we had to do the scenic as the Bears were too small to go on their own, which was a good job because Baby Bear started trying to climb out by using my face and shoulders as stairs, which was just a little stressful as I whizzed round the corner attempting to steer and not crash (both of which I failed at), needless to say that the Bear got the rest of the rides and BBear and I stayed firmly put at the bottom of the luge run. The Bear loved it and really wanted to steer it himself, which awesome . . . . except for when he wiggles the handles like he’s driving a toy car, only he’s not and there are lots of people fancying themselves as formula 1 drivers, trying to nip through on the inside =  crash and lots of ‘luge rage’ it’s a thing ok!

 We had a great time and spent all afternoon there, only leaving because it was getting a bit cold and certainly not because we had done everything.

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