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About me….

I am a thirty something British mum who has moved away from rainy Blighty to spend a couple of years down under, living it up in (also rainy it would appear) Melbourne with my husband, my now two and a half year old son (the Bear) and the neighbours (well, everyone needs good neighbours don’t they) sorry! Hopefully the rest of my posts will not contain such poor quality humour, though I can’t guarantee it.

I also now have a nicely growing Aussie bump in my oven so all being well 3 will become 4 by the end of the year. Actually let me re-phrase that, the bump is not as a result of any non-marital shenanigans with  a random Fair-dinkum Aussie, it is from husb who is actually British so really the bump is a British bump. . . . Well glad I cleared that one up. Actually pretend you never read that.

Ok I’m stopping now!

On a safer note I was delighted to be a finalist in the ‘Most Entertaining Blog’ category of the MAD Blog awards – a British Blog Awards for mum and dad bloggers.

If you would like to keep up with my blog then you can follow me by adding your email address via my sidebar or by clicking on the nifty follow button, or you can subscribe via RSS- there are just so many options there are no excuses!

I have been known to twitter on  twitter from time to time, although I am a bit adhoc about it and sometimes forget I am on it! Not a great advert I know but if you would like to follow my random and unregular twitterings then you can do so  @rhianeyre


9 thoughts on “About me….

  1. Stephen Eyre on said:

    4 days to go:)

  2. Yep just got to get a 22 hour journey on my own with a toddler out of the way first, but that deserves a post all of its own.

  3. Hi! I just nominated you for The Super Sweet Blog Award 🙂

  4. I still don’t know why you are in Oz and how long are you there for. Do you have connections there or is a work thing? Sorry, I am nosy but every time I read a new post I wonder…

  5. We have come out here with husbs work. The contract is for a couple of years initially but could be the option to extend. So not entirely sure at the moment to be honest. All I know is that I am really enjoying it, so wait and see I suppose. (Don’t tell my mum I might be staying longer though ;-D )

  6. Hi

    Since, you are an expat/foreigner, I wanted you to check out (networking for expatriates). I thought it might be interesting for you and your readers, maybe you can add it to your links list as well.

    The website is a networking website for expatriates and foreigners. LinkExpats has already been mentioned in Mashable, Washington Post, InTheCapital and other large technology news websites.

  7. Great blog, I’ll be following 🙂 Good luck with that bump 😉

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