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The race that stops a Nation

We have just arrived home after spending the most amazing day at the Melbourne Cup Carnival.

In Australia the Melbourne Cup is known as the ‘race that stops a nation’ and it is a huuuuge deal – especially in the state of Victoria.

We have lovely UK friends staying with us at the moment and as they are (huge) gamblers!* We thought what better way to help them lose all of their hard earned holiday spends than by blowing it on the nags! I must say husb did a stellar job of not just helping them lose their cash, but also did a pretty convincing job of depleting our baby fund as well.

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Hair today . . .Gone tomorrow (part II)

I had my second hairdresser appointment in as many weeks tonight, in an attempt to put right last weeks disaster.

I didn’t go back to the same hairdresser though, I was too embarrassed. This time I didn’t want any more disasters and didn’t think I had spent enough money last week, so this week I really pushed the boat out and gave the winner of Australian Hairdresser of the year 2012 a go at repairing my mane. Read more…

Hair today…..Gone tomorrow

Tonight I am traumatised.

By my hairdresser.

Why is getting a new hairdresser always so stressful?

I thought I had it all figured out, I did what all the magazines say to ensure you get what you want when visiting the hairdresser.

I took  a picture of the cut I wanted from a few different angles.

I also took a picture of the colour I wanted.

I explained  clearly and concisely exactly what I wanted, peppering my explanation with the words ‘choppy ‘ and ‘deconstructed’ as I felt appropriate.

I did all of the above so why have I ended up looking like an older version of Dame Edna Everage?

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Strike a Pose!

I took a deep breath and stepped into the spotlight, swishing my gleaming hair like a shampoo advert, click click click went the camera, I pouted, smiled, and swished, “that’s it girl beryouderful, oh yes give me more” said the photographer. I obliged parading in front of the camera ensuring the photographer got my best side. ‘You are fabulous darling”, one last click of the camera and then . . . . Read more…

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