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Giving Birth Down Under – 10 differences between UK and OZ

Having had my first baby in the UK under the care of the NHS and my second in the private system in Australia I am in no way trying to establish one is better, rather just give you an idea of the differences I experienced.

1. Interestingly in Australia generally you are advised to go to hospital a lot earlier than in the UK, regardless of whether it is a first or subsequent birth. However if you have read my labour story here you will see that I like to cut things fine!

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2013 – More new beginnings.

Well well well, 2013 is nearly over, how did that blimmin happen!

I can’t believe how quickly it seems to have flown by yet again, just like 2012!

Last year I linked up with the lovely Grace for my review of the year and check me out – I am only doing it again!

I called 2012 my year of big changes and while I am definitely more settled having spent the year living in one Hemisphere, 2013 has certainly had some changes all of its own.
So without further ado-here comes my review – ha that rhymes (I am wasted here!)

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The pregnancy experience – OZ vs UK

So I am not sure(!) if you are aware but I am currently with-child and about to give birth in the not so distant future.!!!

This will be the first baby that I have had Down Under as the Bear was born in the UK. So I thought I would share with you my experiences of pregnancy here so far compared to back in the UK.

First things first – When we first found out that we were going to be having a baby I did the same as I did in the UK. Went to the GP to confirm it. I had
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Striking another pose.

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while may remember that not long after we moved Down Under we were conned offered a ‘once in a lifetime chance’ to have a really expensive family photo shoot, it was a rather stressful affair that ended up with a loss of many things including a lot of money and pretty much all of my dignity. It goes without saying then that it was an experience that we certainly won’t be repeating with that company.

Australia’s next top model, I certainly am not.

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The Quintessential English town.

While we were back in the UK – (which feels so long ago now). We based ourselves mainly at husbs parents house as it was pretty central and made it slightly easier to try to galavant (I love that word) around the country to catch up with people.

I have just been looking through all of our pictures of the holiday and trying to put them into some sort of order and came across a few that I took while we were at the in-laws and it reminded me how lovely and historic and quintessentially ‘English’ this lovely little town is.

So guess what!

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