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Birthdays, Barfing and Baw Baw

It was my birthday the other day and to celebrate the momentous occasion of my 2nd 18th Birthday we packed up the fam and headed for a day trip up to Mount Baw Baw in Victoria’s very picturesque Alpine region for a spot of snowy fun.

Mount Baw Baw is about 2 and half to three hours from Melbs – more if you add in the unaccounted for stops along the way, but more on that later!

Baw Baw’s distance from Melbourne makes it a really good option for a day trip, its an early start but worth it.

We had booked the Bear in for his very first ski lesson in preparation for our first family ski holiday to New Zealand very soon and husb and I were ridiculously excited to see him on a pair of skis for the first time – we have been waiting for this moment for 4 years. The Bear was also excited but, bless him, had no idea quite what he was excited about as he told me in the car that he didn’t need lessons as he was going to go up to the top of the mountain and ‘just ski down with daddy’ – as you do!

I mentioned the unaccounted for stops? Well when I say that it is a 2 1/2 to 3 hour journey, that is clearly if you are an adult, no kids and have no issue with driving James Bond style round the hairpin bends at 60km’s an hour on the ridiculously windy and narrow road to the top of the mountain. Us being none of those things (apart from the James Bond bit in husb head) meant that it took us a lot longer. Whiiiiiiich we of course didn’t realise until we were about 2 km’s into the windy bit of the journey . . . . it was then that Barf number 1 happened.

Boy oh boy did Barf number 1 happen!

It was unexpected,

despite the consistent whiny moan from the back of the car which we ignored to make sure we got there in time for the Bears 9.30am lesson – she got our attention I’ll give her that!

I’ll spare you the very smelly, lumpy, carroty, milky details but, well, it was all of those . . . and more.

Husb swore, we screeched to a halt on a hairpin, I grabbed her, he set about cleaning the vomit soaked car seat while I stripped her down to her nappy in the boot on a hairpin bend, on the side of a mountain, on a narrow road, in 1 degree celsius. Parent of the year – right here.

Girl child changed and clean, we set off again, this time at a more sedate pace of 0.5km per hour, husb swearing silently to himself with a white knuckle grip on the steering wheel.

We made it another km and . . .

enter Barf number 2 stage left, I swear husbs skin was about to rip through his knuckles Incredible Hulk style.

“Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me”

Husb swore (again), we screeched to a halt on a hairpin, I grabbed her, he set about cleaning the vomit soaked car seat while I stripped her down to her nappy in the boot on (another) hairpin bend, on the side of the mountain, on a narrow road, in 1 degree celsius – sound familiar?!

Thankfully I basically bought her wardrobe with me as I didn’t know what she’d need  – and onwards and upwards we continued.

Only to be stopped another 5kms on – thankfully no barf this time, but the demand that we hire snow chains or pay a $2000 fine, or turn round and go home. So despite the fact there was not a speck of snow on the road or anywhere about, we were fleeced hired the snow chains and obligatory sledges and set off (again).

We inched the rest of the way up to Mount Baw Baw Alpine resort finally arriving minus any more barfing, or use of/checking of snow chain adherence and rushed over to get the Bear suited and booted for his lesson.

  Then we rushed over to his lesson and arrived only about 5 mins late in the end, which was really lucky because there were all of  . . 2 people on the slope!

We handed the Bear over for his first ever ski lesson and watched him, go for it, no fear, no expectation just pure enjoyment.

He was a natural, by the third go down he wanted to race the little girl he was learning with – she wasn’t so keen!

I was proud as punch of my little Bear – the best birthday present ever, watching him take off on his little pair of tiny skis! I may or may not have shed a little tear.

  After a very busy fun filled day of skiing and sledging we headed off home – the Bear was asleep before his head hit the pillow.

  It was an amazing day out and I’m glad we arrived early, as it meant he had the slope all to himself which was the best way for him to get his snow feet. It got busier later on as a lot of people are bused in for the day. ( I would not recommend getting the bus up there – 1 word starts in B and ends in arf).

I cannot wait until we go on our snowy holiday woo!


Red Carpets, Champers and a bit of theatre darling!

So last night was not your typical Sunday ‘go to bed early, get ready for the week ahead’ night for me. It was a bit of a crazy one where, literally, ‘Anything Goes’.

Yep, last night I was invited to attend the opening night of ‘Anything Goes’ at the Princess Theatre in Melbourne.

Did you see what I did there?! You see ‘Anything Goes the show and a night where anything goes – oh come on – that was good. Work with me here!

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Great Ocean Road Marathon Festival 2015

This weekend we headed down to Apollo bay on the Great Ocean Road so that husb could take part in the Great Ocean Road marathon festival.
He was doing the half marathon which was 23k, well actually the half is 21k but they make you carry on for a further 2k afterwards to get to the finish line in Apollo Bay. I’m not sure why they don’t just move the finish line so that you actually do the right distance but whatevs.
Now some of my more avid readers (are there any left?!?) may remember husb doing this race before, and you may remember that our accommodation was slightly less than impressive. In fact I thought I was going to be murdered in my bed if you recall? You can read about that here. And also Here. Well you’ll be pleased to know that this time our accommodation was all together more pleasant. We stayed at Apollo Bay cottages which were lovely and did the job nicely thank you. Complete with roaring fire (and comfy socks).


 I was slightly concerned on the journey up that we may have a chunder incident due to the combination of lots of lollies from the birthday party the Bear had attended that morning, coupled with husbs crazy driving the windiness of the Great Ocean Road, and it was these I thought, that would not make a good combo.

Turns out I needn’t have worried about the Bear at all – he was right as rain. . . . .

Nope, it was the other one I should have worried about.
I’ll say one thing for the baby Bear – she is a quiet vomiter, horribly, horribly smelly, but quiet as a mouse. In fact I would hardly have known she’d been sick at all if it hadn’t been for the fact that she pebble dashed the iPad that the Bear was watching who then proceeded to scream that she had vomited everywhere.

Of course there was also the cloying sweet smell of stomach bile and partially digested fruit bar that then proceeded to permeate into the fibres of the car that gave me the next clue. Let me tell you, attempting to clean car sick off a velour car seat with the last 2 remaining baby wipes is no mean feat!
I’m also pretty sure that the receptionist at our accommodation was going to report us for child neglect when we rocked up with a boy child with no shoes on, a girl child with no top on and a car stinking of sick!
Awesome! – We have totally got this parenting gig nailed!

However, moving on, husb smashed the half marathon. He finished in a time of 1.36 compared to 1.51 when he did it last time. The timing last time was probably something to do with him not wanting to return to our house from hell but hey ho! He was awesome!



I went to the cafe – you’ll never guess what happened next . . . . .

I had a coffee!

What a story eh!

Don’t you just love those click fodder titles though, I saw one the other day and the title was something ridiculous like the one above and turned out to be such a non-story. Well let me assure you people I have one helluva story for you.

Keep reading . . . . .

So I am currently into my weight training ‘it’s all about dem gainz people, it’s all about dem gainz’.

Coupled with this, I am also currently studying to be a Personal Trainer  – I have nearly finished my Cert iii actually and have my practical assessment this weekend. In addition I am also following a Paleo(ish) diet.

Anyway part of my training regime involves me ensuring that I am getting enough protein in order to grow my little baby muscles but I really struggle with the traditional protein shakes (they taste gross) so I have jumped on the ‘Bulletproof’ bandwagon and now after I have been to the gym I make myself a Bulletproof coffee in my mixer shaker thing.

For those unfamiliar with the Bulletproof concept  – you basically put grass fed butter, MCT/Coconut/Brain Octaine Oil and whatever else takes your fancy, into your coffee, whizz it up and Bobs your Uncle –  Bulletproof a go go! Weird as it sounds it tastes really creamy and I have developed a bit of an obsession with it. So much so I have started adding my protein powder to it as well and having it as a post workout protein hit.

So far so weird?!!!

To continue, and provide some background for this story I must let you know that I am currently typing this (while I should be studying) in a busy cafe soaked from head to foot in Bulletproof!

As is everyone in the immediate vicinity to me.

What happened? Well let me fill you in. I’ll be honest,  my obsession got dangerous. I took my trusty shaker to the cafe, ordered my long black with extra hot water, poured it carefully into the shaker, started to shake and  . . . . .



I thought the top was closed, it was,  but the hot water created some sort of non vacuum meaning hot coffee, butter, oily mixture sprayed all over me and all over every.single.person sat within a 2cm radius of me.

I am sitting here mortified,

stinking of coffee, and,

attempting to style it out!

N.b Very difficult to style it out when you, all those around you and all of your hard written notes, are covered in coffee.


On a side note though  – Give Bulletproof a try it’s awesome.

And wish me luck for Sunday!

Right I’m going for a shower.

This time last year . . .(Better late than never)

So now that I’m sort of back on track with the Ol’ blog age I realised that I have a number of blogs in my drafts and I am not sure why I didn’t post them. 

So I thought, better 5 months late than never eh! Hopefully after reading it you’ll feel that missing void that you could never quite put your finger on, has been filled. 

Or you’ll wonder why I bothered – but still hey ho here we go! 

Things were so different when I look back to this time last year.

Last year baby Bear was just 9 days old so a lot of it is actually a bit of a blur in my memory due to the multiple night wakings, cluster feedings and having only just been released from hospital.

I remember Christmas Day last year being a pretty quiet one. Husb basically single handedly ran the Christmas show while I was attached the sofa all day with a tiny baby attached to me.

This year was a whole load of different, the Bear was so much more into the whole Santa thing even more than last year. This year he understood it all so much more and he has been singing Christmas songs since the 1st December.

And the baby Bear is her own little person now, she still doesn’t get the present business, so the Bear basically got to open 2 lots of presents under the premise of ‘helping’ her, but it was all very cute.

It was  a small one – just the four of us and given the fact that my mum has just returned to the UK after visiting us  it was quiet.

This is when I miss being in the UK, missing out on the big family get togethers, catching up with old old friends.

An aussie Christmas takes a bit of getting used to, the heat is just – weird!

Merry Christmas xxxx

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