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Great Ocean Road Marathon Festival 2015

This weekend we headed down to Apollo bay on the Great Ocean Road so that husb could take part in the Great Ocean Road marathon festival.
He was doing the half marathon which was 23k, well actually the half is 21k but they make you carry on for a further 2k afterwards to get to the finish line in Apollo Bay. I’m not sure why they don’t just move the finish line so that you actually do the right distance but whatevs.
Now some of my more avid readers (are there any left?!?) may remember husb doing this race before, and you may remember that our accommodation was slightly less than impressive. In fact I thought I was going to be murdered in my bed if you recall? You can read about that here. And also Here. Well you’ll be pleased to know that this time our accommodation was all together more pleasant. We stayed at Apollo Bay cottages which were lovely and did the job nicely thank you. Complete with roaring fire (and comfy socks).


 I was slightly concerned on the journey up that we may have a chunder incident due to the combination of lots of lollies from the birthday party the Bear had attended that morning, coupled with husbs crazy driving the windiness of the Great Ocean Road, and it was these I thought, that would not make a good combo.

Turns out I needn’t have worried about the Bear at all – he was right as rain. . . . .

Nope, it was the other one I should have worried about.
I’ll say one thing for the baby Bear – she is a quiet vomiter, horribly, horribly smelly, but quiet as a mouse. In fact I would hardly have known she’d been sick at all if it hadn’t been for the fact that she pebble dashed the iPad that the Bear was watching who then proceeded to scream that she had vomited everywhere.

Of course there was also the cloying sweet smell of stomach bile and partially digested fruit bar that then proceeded to permeate into the fibres of the car that gave me the next clue. Let me tell you, attempting to clean car sick off a velour car seat with the last 2 remaining baby wipes is no mean feat!
I’m also pretty sure that the receptionist at our accommodation was going to report us for child neglect when we rocked up with a boy child with no shoes on, a girl child with no top on and a car stinking of sick!
Awesome! – We have totally got this parenting gig nailed!

However, moving on, husb smashed the half marathon. He finished in a time of 1.36 compared to 1.51 when he did it last time. The timing last time was probably something to do with him not wanting to return to our house from hell but hey ho! He was awesome!




Half marathons and haunted houses

I’ve already written about our accommodation fiasco the weekend of the Great Ocean Road Marathon festival, so I won’t regurge that, however, if you haven’t read about it and looked at the pictures in all their gory glory you can do so here, I did, however want to write about husbs efforts in the half marathon, as that was the whole reason that we were there in the first place. (And why we didn’t go home after the first hellish night!)

It was a very very early start on the Sunday morning. The half marathon route was a linear one running from Kennet River and finishing in Apollo Bay so it meant that all the runners staying in Apollo Bay had to be bused over to the start line as all the roads were closed for the races.

This meant a 6.15am pick up from Apollo Bay, which meant me dragging myself and the Bear out of bed at 5.30am chucking a jumper on over my PJs, bundling a still sleeping (but not for long) Bear into the car and driving the precarious 11k drive down into Apollo Bay in the driving rain to drop husb off – pleasant!

By the time we dropped husb off it was still pitch black and Read more…

A place were no-one can hear you scream

We headed off Down the Great Ocean Road again this weekend full of anticipation of what the weekend would bring. Husb was entered into the Great Ocean Road half marathon. Having spent weeks training to get his distances up, we were both looking forward to a fun filled weekend enjoying the idyllic countryside around Apollo Bay and the shipwreck coast before husb took on the Half Marathon challenge on the Sunday.

Now I could tell you what a fabulous time we had and what a beautiful place we stayed in and how relaxing it was to be together as a family enjoying it all, but I am all about telling it like it is here at theonlywayismelbourne. I wouldn’t want to insult my readers intelligence so I am going to tell the truth, because unlike Jack Nicholson I think ‘you CAN  handle the truth’

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The Apostles take 2 – a gorge(ous) weekend

Last weekend, we headed out of Melbourne and trucked off down the Great Ocean Road for the weekend. It is so beautiful down there that I wanted to make sure that my mum and sis got to experience it.
In order to make this all happen we of course had to hire an additional car to get us and all our stuff (so much stuff) down there. We packed the monster truck to the rafters and I drove that down complete with sis, mum and baby nephew. Husb packed hire car up until it was bursting and drove himself and the Bear down together for a bit of a ‘boys roadtrip’.

I must say that the drive down to our accommodation was much more pleasant without the usual screaming from the Bear competing with Peppa Pig on full volume, accompanied by baby crying, with the addition of whoever is unfortunate enough to be sandwiched between the two of them singing in a rather panicky high pitched voice to try to keep them entertained while front seat passenger tries the distraction method of hunt for the non existent digger/bike/truck. All while I retreat into my own little world listening to some random tunes on the radio while also straining to hear what ‘Bruce the sat nav’ is telling me. Yep definitely a more pleasant journey down.
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