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Australian Grand Prix

Living in such close proximity to Albert Park, for the last few days all we have been able to hear is the unmistakable roar of the F1 cars speeding around the track at Albert Park. Actually it is pretty difficult to be anywhere in Melbourne and not hear it.

I am not really into cars and husb is certainly no petrolhead but we got swept up in the whole thing, gave in to our curiosity and went down to the Australian GP for a bit of a nosey. Read more…


Monster trucking

What is it about men and machines? They seem to be obsessed with anything mechanical in much the same way I am about my shoe collection. The thing is though, my shoe collection, one can understand, after all I have spent years cultivating it, until I now have a collection that could rival Imelda Marcos, but this man obsession, This I just do not understand. Read more…

Criminal Behaviour

I pulled into the parking space and waited.


“Before I begin, I need to tell you that you are not obliged to say anything at this point, but anything that you do say can and will be taken down and used as evidence in a court of law”

Read more…

Rules of the road

I am not the best of drivers.

I have now been living down under for the grand total of 2 weeks and 2 days and have so far managed to avoid driving in Melbourne since my arrival.

The first weekend I was given a free pass as I had only just arrived and in my sleep deprived state would have probably caused a fatality or two just reversing out of the garage.

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