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Handy tips on how to lose friends at the gym

I fear I have been spending too much of my time at the gym. So much so it feels like a second home. There is now a well worn path from my house through the park and ending at the gym.

You’d think one of two things would happen given that I am spending so much time there.

1. I would by now possess the abs of Pink
2. I would know what the correct gym etiquette is
3. I would be ripped – did I say that already? Well I am feeling pretty hard done to on the count

Neither of these things have happened. Read more…


I am beautiful no matter what they say.

Who’d have thought the Aussies would take to me so well. I always knew that they were a welcoming friendly bunch but they really have surprised me with their consistent compliments towards me.

The man in the chemist, the butcher, the Medicare lady, the removal men, have all commented Read more…

Party like it’s your birthday.

Today is husbs birthday and he is very excited to be spending his birthday in unsunny Melbs.

Despite today being such a special day he has gone to work as is the usual, however, perhaps in recognition of the specialness of the day;  today is the day the Bear and I got to meet his work colleagues. Read more…

One small step for man, one giant leap . . .

So my small steps were slightly smaller than I anticipated, barely outside at all in fact.
I am sorry I let you all down. . . . But let me explain.
It wasn’t through any form of agoraphobia before anyone starts worrying, no no it was the fact that I have clearly not done enough weightlifting before I arrived!

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