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Great Ocean Road Marathon Festival 2015

This weekend we headed down to Apollo bay on the Great Ocean Road so that husb could take part in the Great Ocean Road marathon festival.
He was doing the half marathon which was 23k, well actually the half is 21k but they make you carry on for a further 2k afterwards to get to the finish line in Apollo Bay. I’m not sure why they don’t just move the finish line so that you actually do the right distance but whatevs.
Now some of my more avid readers (are there any left?!?) may remember husb doing this race before, and you may remember that our accommodation was slightly less than impressive. In fact I thought I was going to be murdered in my bed if you recall? You can read about that here. And also Here. Well you’ll be pleased to know that this time our accommodation was all together more pleasant. We stayed at Apollo Bay cottages which were lovely and did the job nicely thank you. Complete with roaring fire (and comfy socks).


 I was slightly concerned on the journey up that we may have a chunder incident due to the combination of lots of lollies from the birthday party the Bear had attended that morning, coupled with husbs crazy driving the windiness of the Great Ocean Road, and it was these I thought, that would not make a good combo.

Turns out I needn’t have worried about the Bear at all – he was right as rain. . . . .

Nope, it was the other one I should have worried about.
I’ll say one thing for the baby Bear – she is a quiet vomiter, horribly, horribly smelly, but quiet as a mouse. In fact I would hardly have known she’d been sick at all if it hadn’t been for the fact that she pebble dashed the iPad that the Bear was watching who then proceeded to scream that she had vomited everywhere.

Of course there was also the cloying sweet smell of stomach bile and partially digested fruit bar that then proceeded to permeate into the fibres of the car that gave me the next clue. Let me tell you, attempting to clean car sick off a velour car seat with the last 2 remaining baby wipes is no mean feat!
I’m also pretty sure that the receptionist at our accommodation was going to report us for child neglect when we rocked up with a boy child with no shoes on, a girl child with no top on and a car stinking of sick!
Awesome! – We have totally got this parenting gig nailed!

However, moving on, husb smashed the half marathon. He finished in a time of 1.36 compared to 1.51 when he did it last time. The timing last time was probably something to do with him not wanting to return to our house from hell but hey ho! He was awesome!




From Fat to Fit – Planning? Definitely not my strong point.

Since the birth of my baby girl I have been documenting my quest to get back to being ‘me’.

Not just to lose the baby weight that I gained but to get back to feeling fit and strong.

Back in July I posted  this post about the importance to me of having a goal to work towards, so I signed on for the Melbourne Half Marathon.

My first ever half marathon like, ever.

Back in July, October seemed like a looooong time away. I thought, yep, I’ve got this, I’m going to take this half marathon by the scruff of its neck and totally run with it. (Bad pun totally intended). I won’t let this race beat me.

Well yesterday this arrived . . . .



Yep, this thing is definitely happening! In 24 days this thing is definitely definitely  happening.

Holy Crap-a-mole.

Did I say it’s definitely happening? Well it totally is.

I have had a few ups and downs with my training and have had to see the physio quite a bit as I have been having problems with my knee which has slowed down my training. At this stage I would have liked to have been comfortably running a good 18k regularly but alas, I had to take it back quite a bit meaning that the longest run I have done is 17k – once.

Today actually.

And it most definitely wasn’t comfortable. My knee started playing up and as I write this I am in quite a lot of pain. Also my right glute muscle decided to down tools and seize up and stop working, meaning the pressure on my knee was even worse. Still I managed to complete a very very slow and, pretty uncomfortable towards the end, training run.

Planning however, is not my strong point. Let me explain.

You see I chose to attempt the longest run of my life today after completing a pretty hard core half hour spin class. I then chose to do the start of my training run with the pretty hard core running teacher who decided she needed to stay with me for the first 5k and pace me. Whiiiiiich was pretty unpleasant, given that her slow pace is my out of breath, stitch inducing fast pace.

Hard core running teacher then got to finish and go and have a nice coffee with the girls while I was left to continue for the next 12k alone but with strict instructions to maintain my out of breath, stitch inducing pace. (I didn’t – but don’t tell her!)

Add to this set of circumstances the small fact that husb had taken the car in for a service today meaning instead of a quick 5 minute drive home, I had to walk, but not just walk, no, I had to take the double pram and push the 3 and 1/2 year old and the 9 month old all the way home. That would be all the 5k home.

See what I mean? Planning clearly not one of my strengths.

So I am now sat on the sofa with a throbbing knee – properly, actually, pooing my pants about whether or not I can in fact do this race.

P.S Not ACTUALLY pooing my pants.

Except I am.

No really I’m not – the smell is totally the 9 month old.


Why thin is a dirty word.

If someone were to tell you how thin you are looking, what would be your reaction?

Would you think, that’s great what a nice thing to say?

Would you think I’m really happy with that, thin is what I was aiming for?

Do you think being told you’re thin is a compliment?


Would your reaction to being called thin be the complete opposite?

Would you be offended? Would you see it as an insult or at the very least a back handed compliment?

Would you analyse? Is there more to this comment than meets the eye.

Is thin what we women aspire to be? Is being thin the ultimate success for us as women? The holy grail, our whole reason for being? Read more…

From Fat to Fit – The downs, the ups and running ‘The Paleo Way’

A brief interruption to holiday programming to up date you on how I’ve been going in my Fat to Fit Series.

Since the start of the year I have been documenting my journey back to my ‘old self’ since the birth of my second Gorge Bag child in Mid December.

You can read how it all started here, where I explained the background and what I was aiming to do.

I have had some ups and downs since I started. I started off mentally strong and super motivated to get back to full fitness and lose the baby weight. I did my own circuits around the park with baby bear while the (original) Bear was in Kinder or crèche and while I did keep that up, I began to struggle after a few weeks.

The sheer lack of sleep coupled with looking after a very busy 3 year old who was, let’s just say ‘adjusting’ to the new addition and leave it at that!, coupled with having no family around to help at all meant I struggled to manage day to day let alone fit in any exercise. I was eating crap, kidding myself that I needed the extra calories for breastfeeding and I actually put on more weight after the birth. On top of feeling like a rubbish mum for not being able to cope, I also started to feel rubbish when I looked in the mirror – all I saw was a big fat milking machine. Not pretty.

That was the down.

Then there was the up. Read more…

From Fat to Fit – The story so far

I’ve put my return to fitness plans out there so I thought I would give a quick rundown of where I started from so that I can then blog about my progress in real time.

57.5kg = Pregnancy starting weight

70.9kg = Day before I gave birth image

2 days postpartum

2 days postpartum

13.4kg = Pregnancy weight gain.


1 week 24.12.13                    2 weeks 31.12.13.      4 weeks 14.01.14
Weight    66.3kg.                                65.6kg.                         64.5kg

Waist.                                                  34 1/2″.                        34.3″

Hips                                                     41″                               41.1″

Thigh.                                                                                       18″

So that is where I am at the moment.

I am going to log my stats more regularly now so that I don’t have any missing bits.  I am also going to attempt to put my measurements in a graph (which husb will do for me because I don’t know how to do it!) so that I can more easily see my progress.

Up to the 4 week point I haven’t done any ‘real’ exercise as such because my body is still recovering but I have been getting out and about and active. I am listening to my body first and foremost and doing what I feel I can cope with and not pushing myself too much.

Week 4 – w/c 13.01.14

1. Walking and incidental exercise running around after the Bear. Walking to DayCare pushing a pram (when it hasn’t been too hot to go outside). 15 mins to and from.

2. Gentle 5K walk around the lake at Albert Park with the Bear while husb ran round. (This was actually Saturday 11.01.14 but for ease my week is going to be starting on a Monday from now on.)

3. Monday 13.01.14 I was thwarted a bit by the heatwave so my original plan of walking around the lake again while the Bear was in crèche was abandoned in favour of some leg, thigh and bum toners in the bbq picnic area under the shade.

Wide leg squats and stationary front lunges while holding baby Bear as she wouldn’t settle to sleep. So a good weight to increase resistance.

I was doing weighted squats and lunges through my pregnancy until the week before I gave birth so I felt that was ok for me. The squats can of course be done without a weight.

1 set 5 squats

1 set alternate lunges both legs (10 each leg- 20 in total)

walk round picnic area giving legs a shake to loosen

Repeat X 3

 It took about 20 mins as I was short on time too.

4. Thursday 16.01.14 Very gentle and slow walk around the park with the pram and the Bear. It was boiling so there were frequent stops and it was very slow BUT we went out and did something!

5. Saturday 18.01.14

image Finally the heatwave broke so we made the most of it by going for a family walk along the beach, and took part in #familyactiveday at the same time. 2 birds – 1 stone!

So now you are up to date on my story so far!

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