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From Fat to Fit – Planning? Definitely not my strong point.

Since the birth of my baby girl I have been documenting my quest to get back to being ‘me’.

Not just to lose the baby weight that I gained but to get back to feeling fit and strong.

Back in July I posted  this post about the importance to me of having a goal to work towards, so I signed on for the Melbourne Half Marathon.

My first ever half marathon like, ever.

Back in July, October seemed like a looooong time away. I thought, yep, I’ve got this, I’m going to take this half marathon by the scruff of its neck and totally run with it. (Bad pun totally intended). I won’t let this race beat me.

Well yesterday this arrived . . . .



Yep, this thing is definitely happening! In 24 days this thing is definitely definitely  happening.

Holy Crap-a-mole.

Did I say it’s definitely happening? Well it totally is.

I have had a few ups and downs with my training and have had to see the physio quite a bit as I have been having problems with my knee which has slowed down my training. At this stage I would have liked to have been comfortably running a good 18k regularly but alas, I had to take it back quite a bit meaning that the longest run I have done is 17k – once.

Today actually.

And it most definitely wasn’t comfortable. My knee started playing up and as I write this I am in quite a lot of pain. Also my right glute muscle decided to down tools and seize up and stop working, meaning the pressure on my knee was even worse. Still I managed to complete a very very slow and, pretty uncomfortable towards the end, training run.

Planning however, is not my strong point. Let me explain.

You see I chose to attempt the longest run of my life today after completing a pretty hard core half hour spin class. I then chose to do the start of my training run with the pretty hard core running teacher who decided she needed to stay with me for the first 5k and pace me. Whiiiiiich was pretty unpleasant, given that her slow pace is my out of breath, stitch inducing fast pace.

Hard core running teacher then got to finish and go and have a nice coffee with the girls while I was left to continue for the next 12k alone but with strict instructions to maintain my out of breath, stitch inducing pace. (I didn’t – but don’t tell her!)

Add to this set of circumstances the small fact that husb had taken the car in for a service today meaning instead of a quick 5 minute drive home, I had to walk, but not just walk, no, I had to take the double pram and push the 3 and 1/2 year old and the 9 month old all the way home. That would be all the 5k home.

See what I mean? Planning clearly not one of my strengths.

So I am now sat on the sofa with a throbbing knee – properly, actually, pooing my pants about whether or not I can in fact do this race.

P.S Not ACTUALLY pooing my pants.

Except I am.

No really I’m not – the smell is totally the 9 month old.



From fat to fit – Week 14 (24.03.14)

I’ve had a better week this week and managed to get more exercise in, both specific sessions and in my everyday life.

Morning in the park with husb and kids. The Bear went on his bike and he is pretty speedy on it so I ran alongside him while husb had the pram and baby Bear. We stopped along the way to do some tricep dips together and then went on to the playpark and did the zip wire.



Did 5.5K round the lake with the pram. 2 min run, 2 min walk alternate all the way round, stopping halfway through to do my TVA activations. It wasn’t quite as bad as I thought it was going to be and I felt really pleased with myself for doing it. I actually hadn’t set out to start running, my original plan was just to walk round the lake as when I woke up in the morning my plan consisted of dragging my carcass out of bed, putting the Bear in crèche and having a coffee, so I felt pretty good that I did it.

I feel quite good about getting back into running again and I have just had confirmation of crèche places for next term which means I can attend a couple of  my favourite classes too which I am really looking forward to. Plus husb mum arrives on Wednesday so she will be able to help too meaning that I may even get to go to a few classes before the next term starts so as far as my exercise is concerned I am feeling quite positive.

Weight 64Kg
Waist 33.5 inches
Hips 41 inches
Thighs 24 inches
Arms 11 inches


From Fat to Fit Week 6 (27.01.14)

This week I had my 6 week check up with my obstetrician and he has given me the all clear to exercise again which is good news. Now that I have been given the ok I am planning to up my exercise intensity a little bit.
Not too much as I have said before, but I am now planning to up the level of my cardio.

It is difficult for me to run at the moment as baby Bear is too young for me to run with her in the pram but I do want to include some cardio in my ‘Mummy Motivator’ circuit sessions now as I feel I can. As I currently have  baby Bear with me at all my exercise sessions I am working in shorter bursts of cardio to get my heart rate up, such as skipping as I can do that right next to my pram.

My Mummy Motivator Workouts this week Read more…

From Fat to Fit – Week 5 (21.01.14)

This week I managed to fit in quite a lot of exercise which I felt good for doing but it did tire me out a bit more than I thought it would.
I am going to listen to my body and if I feel it is too much then I will pull back a little. I don’t want to do too much too soon as that will only set me back. My aim is to make consistent gains even if they are very small ones rather than go at it hammer and tongs and whack myself out completely.

My ‘Mummy Motivator’ workouts this week

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Back in the zone

We have been back for a week now and I am LOVING being back. After a week of getting over jet lag and not doing very much physical stuff and a month of being in the UK when I didn’t have time to think let alone exercise it is so good to be getting back into the swing of things again.

I am writing this sitting in the fresh air by the lake in my favourite spot having just completed my little exercise routine. Nothing too strenuous as I need to ease myself back in gently and don’t want to overdo it but just enough to get my heart pumping a bit, give my cheeks a rosy glow (that could also be due to the wind mind you – not my wind I should add, no the wind); and wake my underused little muscles up a bit. Read more…

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