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An Awesome Aussie Adventure – Airborne over Kakadu

On our last night in Kakadu husb announced that he had a surprise planned for the morning.

I was very excited as I had no idea what it could be.

The next morning we packed up all of our gear and headed off onto the open road.

Turns out we were off to Jabiru airport to take a scenic flight over Kakadu and the surrounding area of Arnhemland- an early birthday present from the Bear and BabyBear.

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An Awesome Aussie Adventure – Kakadu – Ubirr Rock

During our time in Kakadu we also managed to fit in a sunset trip to Ubirr rock. As usual we cut it pretty fine as we didn’t realise how long it would take us to get there and they close the path up if you are not there by dusk so it was pretty hairy trying to get there on time, we managed it – just!

Ubirr Rock is an amazing aboriginal art site as well as the setting for a number of scenes in Crocodile Dundee. Read more…

An Awesome Aussie Adventure – Kakadu – Yellow River Wetlands Tour

We arrived at our accommodation in Kakadu pretty late.

We stayed at Gagudju Lodge in Cooinda, there are not many accommodation options in Kakadu, if you don’t want to camp (no thanks with 2 small kids)! You are pretty limited to the lodges or to the Crocodile Hotel in Jabiru.

The lodges suited us just fine, they were just what we needed, and they were cheaper than the hotel so everyone is a winner.

The lodges also incorporated a camp site and there was a swimming pool on site as well as two restaurants, serving good quality food all day. Read more…

An Awesome Aussie Adventure – Kakadu – Feeding the kids to the crocodiles.

We have just returned back to Melbourne from an awesome 10 day adventure exploring parts of Australia that, if we were honest we were not sure that we would get the opportunity to visit even though we live here.

Having two small children tends to put a different complexion on things and whereas when we were bc (before children) we would be able to, and often did, jump off at the drop of a hat to head off somewhere random for a few days, these days, that is not ‘quite’ so doable. Still doable but it certainly takes a little longer and involves a lot more planning and luggage!

While we were in the Northern Territory we drove over to Kakadu National Park about 3 and a half hours drive from Darwin. Kakadu National Park is an amazing breathtaking place (but more on that in another blog post). So we were really keen to get there while we were up at the ‘Top End’.

On the way to Kakadu we stopped at Corroboree on the Adelaide River to go on the ‘jumping crocodile’ boat trip tour.

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