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1 more sleep

So this is it, only 1 more sleep to go until I am getting on a plane with the Bear and heading back to Blighty allbeit temporarily.

I am very excited about going back and seeing everyone but am seriously stressing out about being on a plane for 24 hours, just me, the Bear and a pregnant belly. I have prepared somewhat, someone mentioned that they wrapped up little cheapo gifts to open at will on the journey when their little one was getting loud/bored/naughty. So I have well and truly taken that advice on board! He’s going to think it’s Christmas! I’m also aware that I am possibly sending out the wrong message i.e. giving him a pressie when he is naughty. Oh well we’ll deal with that one when we are not 25,000ft in the air encased in a tube of metal!

Behold my bribes!

Behold my bribes!

Packing is still not done but I am getting there slowly but surely, slowly being the operative word.

It is going to be a busy old time when we get back to the UK getting round to see as many people as possible in the relatively short time we are there, so I apologise in advance if we don’t get to see you.

I also, of course have the small matter of the 2013 MAD Blog Awards ceremony to go to. For those who don’t know, I have been shortlisted as a finalist in the Most Entertaining Blog category, and am going to an all singing all dancing awards ceremony on 20th September when I will finally find out how I did . . .Eeek Wish me luck!
MAD Blog Awards

Right I have to go, lots more organising to do before I finally get to my bed.

See you soon . . .


Homeward Bound

Now I know that some of you may know that I have been lucky enough to be shortlisted in a teeny tiny little thing called the MAD Blog Awards. If you didn’t know, I am not sure how it has escaped your attention given that I have been harping on about it for what seems like forever, here, here and here.

The awards ceremony is taking place on 20 September at the very swish Royal Garden Hotel in London (Kensington no less – get me!) and guess who’s flying back to the UK for the ceremony. . .

My friend S. . . Read more…

Going MAD

There are now just 3 days left until voting closes for the Mad Blog Awards 2013 and I know I have been banging on about it to anyone who will listen but guess what?
I am a freaking Finalist!.

I have been shortlisted in the ‘Most Entertaining Blog’ category.
Whilst I am absolutely over the moon that I have got this far, I gotta tell you, the pressure to be entertaining is starting to get to me. I won’t lie, I am starting to crack under the strain.

Just what is ‘entertaining’? I lie awake at night asking myself this very question. At 3am I wake in a cold sweat with the beginnings of a blog post forming in my mind, only for it to dance just out of my grasp as I try to get it down onto my iPhone. Is it good enough? What was it again? Thwarted, I fall into a fitful sleep before waking again at 4am so that I can wake husb and we can ponder the question together in the early hours of the morning.

Do I need to be consistently funny? Is that entertaining? Do I need to keep losing my underwear? Read more…

Pimp my Blog – The Sequel.

I still can’t believe that I have been shortlisted in the Mad Blog Awards 2013 in the ‘Most Entertaining Blog’ category. Who’d have thought my little stories and mishaps were entertaining!

Thank you so much to everyone who has voted for me to get this far. I am really grateful that you took the time to vote for me, so thank you and thank you again.

The MAD Blog Awards

So what does this mean? I hear you say.

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I am so excited I can barely type and I am actually properly shaking every time I think about it.

It is only now some 5 hours after hearing the news, that I have calmed down enough to write (sort of) coherently.

Well, thanks for asking, let me screech in excitement tell you.

I woke up this morning to the VERY exciting news that I am a finalist in the MAD Blog Awards 2013.
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