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The top 5 fibs I’ve told my children.

Now, come on, don’t go reading this and being all shocked and offended by the fact I’ve told little white lies to my children (read child the others too young to understand) plus I could tell her anything at all and as long as I am
saying it in a singy songy voice she’ll be giggling away like a goodun.

Nah this is fibs I’ve told the Bear because maaaaan that boy asks a lot of questions.

A lot

A lorra lorra lot (Cilla Black my Aussie friends – google her).
But back to it – don’t you go trying to tell me that you haven’t told the odd tiny little fiblet, every once in a while. (Or everyday in order to get 30 seconds peace before the next set of questions begins.)

So, here they are – my top 5 porky pies.
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Parenting can be really shit!
That’s it.
No witty comment to follow.
Just the plain simple fact of the matter that this parenting gig can actually be a crock.

I am not saying anything anyone doesn’t know when I say that it is bloody hard work.
It is bloody hard work when you are close to extended family who can help you out. It is even harder when it is just you with no one else for thousands of miles.
It can be pretty shit.

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When your child has a better social life than you.

You know things are bad when your child’s social life is better than your own.

He is not even three and yet already his social calendar is fuller than mine.

Currently my social life consists of :-

– Going for many many long solitary walks in an attempt to kick-start labour,

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Under Pressure

So you might have guessed by now that the countdown is well and truly on with just a few days left until that all important due date, which usually bears no resemblance at all to the date one will actually give birth, but a date that nonetheless us expectant mothers cling to desperately in the hope that baby will arrive shortly before or on this magical date. Read more…

Waiting . . .

We are nearly there, nearly at the end of our 9 month journey of growth and discovery together.

It is not long to go now until we finally meet for the very first time.

Not so very long until we look each other in the eyes and you see the love that I already have for you shining through my tears and touching your heart.
The love that has been building and building ever since those two lines slowly became visible letting me know that you are coming into my life.

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