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The top 5 fibs I’ve told my children.

Now, come on, don’t go reading this and being all shocked and offended by the fact I’ve told little white lies to my children (read child the others too young to understand) plus I could tell her anything at all and as long as I am
saying it in a singy songy voice she’ll be giggling away like a goodun.

Nah this is fibs I’ve told the Bear because maaaaan that boy asks a lot of questions.

A lot

A lorra lorra lot (Cilla Black my Aussie friends – google her).
But back to it – don’t you go trying to tell me that you haven’t told the odd tiny little fiblet, every once in a while. (Or everyday in order to get 30 seconds peace before the next set of questions begins.)

So, here they are – my top 5 porky pies.
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It’s been a bad day – please don’t take a picture.

I’m borrowing a few words from REM today because, well, . . . .clues in the title.

If I’m honest it’s been a bad few days but I couldn’t find song lyrics to suit, so just work with me.

I have been feeling pretty low over the last few weeks really, nothing horrendous, just life getting on top of me a bit. It’s hard work this stay at home mum lark.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not  suggesting for a minute that it is any easier being a working mum I am just saying that in my situation as a stay at home mum I’m struggling a bit.

I am tired,

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Mothers Day – A kinder surprise.

It is Mothers Day on Sunday here in Australia and yesterday I was invited to a special Mothers Day Afternoon tea at the Bears kinder.

All of the mummies were invited to take our seats and once we were settled in our places, the kinder class filed in and sang to us.

Happy Mothers Day to you
Happy Mothers Day to you
Happy Mothers Day dear mummy
You’re the best, we love you.

It was possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen. I do have photos of them doing it but I didn’t want to post it without permission from all of the mums which would have taken a very long time!

I did get some others pics though.

After being serenaded we were each presented with our Mothers Day gift.
A ‘beautifully’ decorated pot with a little flower, a handmade card, and a decorated picture frame with a picture of mummy in it.

Too cute - although I have just realised that the Bear has given me a very grumpy face, hmmm may be I should stop being a grumpy pants then! )

Too cute – although I have just realised that the Bear has given me a very grumpy face, hmmm may be I should stop being a grumpy pants then! )

Please take notice of the decorated pot, for reasons I will explain later!

Once we were presented with our presents we all tucked into our afternoon tea, which was lovingly prepared by the kinder kids.

There were homemade cupcakes which disappeared in seconds so I couldn’t get a proper pic and fairy bread.


imageFor those not in the know, Fairy Bread is an Aussie phenomenon, which consists of white bread, liberally slathered in margarine and covered in sprinkles. For some reason the kids go wild for it here.

Except, that it is for the Bear

This is what he thought!

Probably for the best, judging by what’s in it!  Doesn’t look like he’s a proper Aussie kid just yet.

Remember I told you to hold that thought on the plant pot (you didn’t well pay attention!).

As we were leaving the whole thing which was precariously balanced on my pram fell to the floor and smashed everywhere. I was distraught but the Bear was not so bothered. So the mess was quickly cleaned up and we were given a brand spanking new plant pot to decorate at home.

So we did! As soon as we got home.

Spot the difference!

Spot the difference!

Phew disaster averted!

What my 3 year old said . . .

Good morning mummy, I recognise that it is quite early and you are still sleeping so I will go back to my room and read some books quietly until you come and get me.

Thanks mummy for that delicious yet healthy snack you have prepared for me. I will eat all of it up at the speed of a normal human and not take 15 minutes and 5 bites to eat 1 blueberry.

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Parenting can be really shit!
That’s it.
No witty comment to follow.
Just the plain simple fact of the matter that this parenting gig can actually be a crock.

I am not saying anything anyone doesn’t know when I say that it is bloody hard work.
It is bloody hard work when you are close to extended family who can help you out. It is even harder when it is just you with no one else for thousands of miles.
It can be pretty shit.

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