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Keeping busy.

With the results of the MAD Blog Awards not being announced until September, yes that’s right September (at an all singing all dancing, star studded awards ceremony) but still not until September! I have been trying to take my mind off it all by keeping myself busy so that I don’t have time to think about it.

In my efforts to keep busy I have tried a few new things and stuck with some old ones.

Number 1. My dismal attempt at yoga.
Let’s just say, it didn’t work out and leave it there. However, if you would like to read more about my yoga experience along with some unhandy pointers on how to do it properly then you can find it here.

Number 2. Zumba.
‘Ditch the workout – join the party‘ goes the tagline.
All well and good if you have the latina moves of Jennifer Lopez, the sultry looks of Penelope Cruz and the swinging hips of Shakira Shakira!! (Sing it sister).
Well after putting my scepticism aside I ‘joined the party’. Read more…


parkrun Aussie Style

The family have been here for 3 weeks now and things seem to be settling down quite nicely. Sis and mother are now well and truly over their jetlag which is good (although not for sis who now has no excuse to stay in bed in the morning or go for an afternoon nap – lack of excuse doesn’t seem to stop her though!)
Sister appears to be treating her holiday as some form of self imposed boot camp and when she is not dragging me to gym classes, or doing parkrun, she is nagging me to do my kettlebell DVD at home. Now don’t get me wrong I think it is great to be so motivated but I wish she would stop making me feel bad by being so crazy enthusiastic all the time. So far we’ve done parkrun, Jennifer Ellison’s (ex UK soap star) DVD, Kettlebells, Zumba, swimming and BodyPump. I am shattered just listing those. In all honesty it is good though to be out and about doing things and making the most of the Great Aussie Summer while the UK freezes in the snow. Don’t get me wrong I love the snow, but the snow has its place, like when I am at the top of an Alp about to ski down, not so much when I have to commute to work (or anywhere) when all public transport has ground to a halt and there is a general ‘snowmaggedan’.

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Happy Birthday

Today is Albert Melbourne parkrun’s 1st Birthday. It was all very exciting and I was very much looking forward to running it again, as I haven’t been on top of my game since doing The Stampede which you can read about here, so I thought it would be a good chance to get back into my groove.

That was until husb rained all over my parade by telling me that he was going to run it this week as part of his training for the Brookes Challenge, Anaconda Challenge and Tough Mudder.

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The wheels on the bus. . .

Another Saturday – another parkrun. This week was International parkrun day so we all headed once again for Albert Park for our weekly run around the lake.
The Bear was not keen on waking or getting up this morning, and even though we opened his bedroom door and loudly pottered about the house getting ready to try to ease him into the day he still continued to defy us keeping his eyes resolutely shut.

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