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From fat to fit Week 17 (14.04.14)


My life is a bit like this at the moment but I am beginning to tip the balance (I think).

Zumba Class
TVA session afterwards

I was very tired and really not in the mood at all but I did manage
10 min side stepper warm up
Bosu balance squats with 3kg weight X10 2 sets
Bosu weights hammer curl 3kg weight X10 2 sets
Bosu chest flys 3kg weight X10 2 sets
TVA Exercises

I finally managed to make a *triumphant*!#! return  to parkrun.
For those not in the know, parkrun is a free timed 5km run that started off in the UK and now takes place in many destinations Australia wide as well as other destinations worldwide.

You can find local parkruns in your area by clicking

here for parkrun UK

here for parkrun Australia

here to find out if parkrun operates in your country

It’s been a while so I took husb along with me for moral support as I wasn’t sure how long it would take me to do it and didn’t want everyone to have gone home before I finished.
I thought that this would be a good start to my half marathon training giving me a base to start from.

Now it may *look* like I am standing still but I can assure you I WAS running! Honest.

Now it may *look* like I am standing still but I can assure you I WAS running! Honest.

I found it ok and managed to get round in 35 minutes so certainly not very fast and waaaay off my fastest time BUT I ran it all and that was my aim. At least I have a starting point now and I can work my way onwards and upwards from this point.

We also took the kids swimming in the afternoon (first time for baby Bear) and I managed to fit a sneaky 10 lengths in.

TVA Exercises

All in all a pretty great week as far as achievements go I think.


From fat to fit Week 16 (07.04.14)

I’ve gone great guns this week and feel pretty pleased with myself (and a bit achy if I’m honest).

So – on to this weeks regime.

Tuesday– Thanks to mother-in-law babysitting I managed to get to my Zumba class again. I followed this with completing my core program with TVA exercises. You can read more about how to exercise correctly post pregnancy from

Wednesday – I managed to get to the gym to do an actual gym workout for the first time in months.
Treadmill 30 mins interval pyramid walking/jogging/running training
Core TVA exercises
3kg weighted lunges Rx12 Lx12
3kg shoulder press x 10
3kg chest fly x 10
3kg deadlifts x1 Read more…

From fat to fit to fat excuses

Motivation or lack thereof, combined with ridonkulous tiredness has meant that my exercise had pretty much tailed off to very little. Even with my mum staying with me I only managed 1 Zumba class per week in the time she was here.

I am really disappointed with myself as I had envisaged getting out to start running again and  getting to all the classes that I have really missed while being pregnant but, with the exception of Zumba I have attended non.

My little circuit workouts have also fallen by the wayside for the last couple of weeks or so. Due to the preparation for the Grand Prix in Albert Park my usual location was pretty uninhabitable while open but then they closed it for the week of the Grand Prix so I couldn’t get there.

. . . . Which is all really a big fat excuse for not doing anything.

Read more…

From Fat to Fit Week 9 (17.02.14)

I am still very much working on getting my abdominal separation back to normal so still no crunches for me and as I am having a lot of interrupted sleep ( well a bit of sleep all of it interrupted) I am still taking it relatively easy with my exercise so I don’t get too tired.

I introduced a bit more equipment this week as I was getting a bit bored.
4KG Kettle bell
I love kettle bells as they whittle you into shape very quickly if you use them correctly.

Tuesday 17.02.14
Work it down cardio and kettle session

image3 min skipping
1 min kettle bell swing

2 min skipping
1 min kettle bell clean and press (right hand) – start with KB in front of you on the floor, keeping back straight squat down to pick it up and bring it in to the crux of your arm (your pit area) lifting it with your elbow up, adjust your grip so your palm is facing away from your body and press the KB up above your head straightening your arm, then take it back down the same way to the ground. That is 1 rep.
You can view these exercises if you search on YouTube.
1 min kettle bell clean and press (left hand)

1 min skipping
1 min kettle bell squat and lift (squat down holding KB like a goblet at your chest height with elbows bent into the body, then as you straighten your legs lift KB to head height while raising to tiptoes ).

2 min skipping
TVA Activations

1 min skipping
TVA Activations

Wednesday 19.02.14
I didn’t have a great nights sleep so was feeling pretty tired. I went for a walk with the pram and just did some TVA Activations.

Friday 20.02.14
Husb was off work and the Bear was in daycare so I went for a (very) slow jog around the park near me. (about 3K)

I have to admit I am missing the gym a bit now. I am really enjoying working out my own exercise plan for each session but I am getting a bit lonely on my own and I really enjoy the interaction at gym classes so I may be in danger of losing a bit of motivation.
My mum arrived on Saturday though so hopefully that will give me an opportunity to take advantage of that and try and get to a class to mix it up a bit.

Also if there is anyone in Melbs who fancies joining me with my little exercise circuits you are more than welcome!


From Fat to Fit Week 6 (27.01.14)

This week I had my 6 week check up with my obstetrician and he has given me the all clear to exercise again which is good news. Now that I have been given the ok I am planning to up my exercise intensity a little bit.
Not too much as I have said before, but I am now planning to up the level of my cardio.

It is difficult for me to run at the moment as baby Bear is too young for me to run with her in the pram but I do want to include some cardio in my ‘Mummy Motivator’ circuit sessions now as I feel I can. As I currently have  baby Bear with me at all my exercise sessions I am working in shorter bursts of cardio to get my heart rate up, such as skipping as I can do that right next to my pram.

My Mummy Motivator Workouts this week Read more…

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