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From Fat to Fit – Planning? Definitely not my strong point.

Since the birth of my baby girl I have been documenting my quest to get back to being ‘me’.

Not just to lose the baby weight that I gained but to get back to feeling fit and strong.

Back in July I posted  this post about the importance to me of having a goal to work towards, so I signed on for the Melbourne Half Marathon.

My first ever half marathon like, ever.

Back in July, October seemed like a looooong time away. I thought, yep, I’ve got this, I’m going to take this half marathon by the scruff of its neck and totally run with it. (Bad pun totally intended). I won’t let this race beat me.

Well yesterday this arrived . . . .



Yep, this thing is definitely happening! In 24 days this thing is definitely definitely  happening.

Holy Crap-a-mole.

Did I say it’s definitely happening? Well it totally is.

I have had a few ups and downs with my training and have had to see the physio quite a bit as I have been having problems with my knee which has slowed down my training. At this stage I would have liked to have been comfortably running a good 18k regularly but alas, I had to take it back quite a bit meaning that the longest run I have done is 17k – once.

Today actually.

And it most definitely wasn’t comfortable. My knee started playing up and as I write this I am in quite a lot of pain. Also my right glute muscle decided to down tools and seize up and stop working, meaning the pressure on my knee was even worse. Still I managed to complete a very very slow and, pretty uncomfortable towards the end, training run.

Planning however, is not my strong point. Let me explain.

You see I chose to attempt the longest run of my life today after completing a pretty hard core half hour spin class. I then chose to do the start of my training run with the pretty hard core running teacher who decided she needed to stay with me for the first 5k and pace me. Whiiiiiich was pretty unpleasant, given that her slow pace is my out of breath, stitch inducing fast pace.

Hard core running teacher then got to finish and go and have a nice coffee with the girls while I was left to continue for the next 12k alone but with strict instructions to maintain my out of breath, stitch inducing pace. (I didn’t – but don’t tell her!)

Add to this set of circumstances the small fact that husb had taken the car in for a service today meaning instead of a quick 5 minute drive home, I had to walk, but not just walk, no, I had to take the double pram and push the 3 and 1/2 year old and the 9 month old all the way home. That would be all the 5k home.

See what I mean? Planning clearly not one of my strengths.

So I am now sat on the sofa with a throbbing knee – properly, actually, pooing my pants about whether or not I can in fact do this race.

P.S Not ACTUALLY pooing my pants.

Except I am.

No really I’m not – the smell is totally the 9 month old.



From fat to fit Week 17 (14.04.14)


My life is a bit like this at the moment but I am beginning to tip the balance (I think).

Zumba Class
TVA session afterwards

I was very tired and really not in the mood at all but I did manage
10 min side stepper warm up
Bosu balance squats with 3kg weight X10 2 sets
Bosu weights hammer curl 3kg weight X10 2 sets
Bosu chest flys 3kg weight X10 2 sets
TVA Exercises

I finally managed to make a *triumphant*!#! return  to parkrun.
For those not in the know, parkrun is a free timed 5km run that started off in the UK and now takes place in many destinations Australia wide as well as other destinations worldwide.

You can find local parkruns in your area by clicking

here for parkrun UK

here for parkrun Australia

here to find out if parkrun operates in your country

It’s been a while so I took husb along with me for moral support as I wasn’t sure how long it would take me to do it and didn’t want everyone to have gone home before I finished.
I thought that this would be a good start to my half marathon training giving me a base to start from.

Now it may *look* like I am standing still but I can assure you I WAS running! Honest.

Now it may *look* like I am standing still but I can assure you I WAS running! Honest.

I found it ok and managed to get round in 35 minutes so certainly not very fast and waaaay off my fastest time BUT I ran it all and that was my aim. At least I have a starting point now and I can work my way onwards and upwards from this point.

We also took the kids swimming in the afternoon (first time for baby Bear) and I managed to fit a sneaky 10 lengths in.

TVA Exercises

All in all a pretty great week as far as achievements go I think.

From Fat to Fit Week 15 (31.03.14)

I think I am starting to get my mojo back finally as I managed quite a lot of exercise this week. Still eating crap but that’s another story.

5.5K round the lake with baby Bear in the pram 2 mins walk 2 mins run all the way round. I find that this way I don’t feel so daunted by setting out to run 5.5K as that seems too much. If I break it down into 2 minute chunks then I find that I cover more distance than I think I am going to and it doesn’t seem as hard and before I know it I have finished. So I will stick with that for a while and build up my running again slowly  so that I don’t injure myself.

The original plan was to go to the gym in the morning but due to a smashed car window incident (not my fault) I had to cancel. I more than made up for it though by walking all the way (uphill) to the Bears kinder with the Bear and baby Bear in the double pram to drop him off and then walking back home and then doing the whole thing again. There are a lot of hills so it was pretty hard work with both of them.

Our car was still unsafe to drive so I had to walk again and catch the tram to pick up the Bear.

Husbs mum and I took the kids to the park. I ran alongside the Bear on his bike and we then did the zipwire and climbing wall at the park.

We all headed out to Sherbrooke Forest in the Dandenong Ranges and ended up doing a 7.5k hike round the forest complete with pram. It was a bit precarious in places and pretty steep so it was hard going, but between the 3 adults, myself, husb and his mum, we managed to get the kids round every way we could.


imageimageI could feel my thighs and glutes burning as I pushed the pram uphill so I had better have buns of steel by the end!

Think I am going to be aching tomorrow!

My progress so far . . .


From Fat to Fit Week 10 (24.02.14)

A bit of a short and sweet one this week.

My mum came to stay on Saturday yey! She has been a trooper looking after baby Bear for me while the Bear is in crèche so that meant that I could finally get back to my Zumba exercise class.

It was great to see everyone again and catch up. I really threw myself into the class and the fact that my face was a peculiar shade of puice purple showed that I had most definitely worked hard.  . .  A bit too hard I think.

Read more…

From Fat to Fit Week 9 (17.02.14)

I am still very much working on getting my abdominal separation back to normal so still no crunches for me and as I am having a lot of interrupted sleep ( well a bit of sleep all of it interrupted) I am still taking it relatively easy with my exercise so I don’t get too tired.

I introduced a bit more equipment this week as I was getting a bit bored.
4KG Kettle bell
I love kettle bells as they whittle you into shape very quickly if you use them correctly.

Tuesday 17.02.14
Work it down cardio and kettle session

image3 min skipping
1 min kettle bell swing

2 min skipping
1 min kettle bell clean and press (right hand) – start with KB in front of you on the floor, keeping back straight squat down to pick it up and bring it in to the crux of your arm (your pit area) lifting it with your elbow up, adjust your grip so your palm is facing away from your body and press the KB up above your head straightening your arm, then take it back down the same way to the ground. That is 1 rep.
You can view these exercises if you search on YouTube.
1 min kettle bell clean and press (left hand)

1 min skipping
1 min kettle bell squat and lift (squat down holding KB like a goblet at your chest height with elbows bent into the body, then as you straighten your legs lift KB to head height while raising to tiptoes ).

2 min skipping
TVA Activations

1 min skipping
TVA Activations

Wednesday 19.02.14
I didn’t have a great nights sleep so was feeling pretty tired. I went for a walk with the pram and just did some TVA Activations.

Friday 20.02.14
Husb was off work and the Bear was in daycare so I went for a (very) slow jog around the park near me. (about 3K)

I have to admit I am missing the gym a bit now. I am really enjoying working out my own exercise plan for each session but I am getting a bit lonely on my own and I really enjoy the interaction at gym classes so I may be in danger of losing a bit of motivation.
My mum arrived on Saturday though so hopefully that will give me an opportunity to take advantage of that and try and get to a class to mix it up a bit.

Also if there is anyone in Melbs who fancies joining me with my little exercise circuits you are more than welcome!


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