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Giving Birth Down Under – 10 differences between UK and OZ

Having had my first baby in the UK under the care of the NHS and my second in the private system in Australia I am in no way trying to establish one is better, rather just give you an idea of the differences I experienced.

1. Interestingly in Australia generally you are advised to go to hospital a lot earlier than in the UK, regardless of whether it is a first or subsequent birth. However if you have read my labour story here you will see that I like to cut things fine!

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From Fat to Fit Week 6 (27.01.14)

This week I had my 6 week check up with my obstetrician and he has given me the all clear to exercise again which is good news. Now that I have been given the ok I am planning to up my exercise intensity a little bit.
Not too much as I have said before, but I am now planning to up the level of my cardio.

It is difficult for me to run at the moment as baby Bear is too young for me to run with her in the pram but I do want to include some cardio in my ‘Mummy Motivator’ circuit sessions now as I feel I can. As I currently have  baby Bear with me at all my exercise sessions I am working in shorter bursts of cardio to get my heart rate up, such as skipping as I can do that right next to my pram.

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From Fat to Fit – Week 5 (21.01.14)

This week I managed to fit in quite a lot of exercise which I felt good for doing but it did tire me out a bit more than I thought it would.
I am going to listen to my body and if I feel it is too much then I will pull back a little. I don’t want to do too much too soon as that will only set me back. My aim is to make consistent gains even if they are very small ones rather than go at it hammer and tongs and whack myself out completely.

My ‘Mummy Motivator’ workouts this week

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The one about my labour!

I wanted to write my labour story  while it was still fresh in my mind. I did actually jot down some pretty incomprehensible notes the very night I had given birth at about 3am in the morning with a sleeping newborn next to my hospital bed and adrenalin still coursing through my body from what I had just experienced, but having read them back they are a pretty big jumble of incoherent words that wouldn’t make a lot of sense to anyone but me so rather than posting that and letting you decipher it I thought I would wait a bit and attempt to write something that makes a little more sense. (Hopefully – I am of course very sleep deprived!)

Now I know that it is always said that second labours are generally quicker than first and giving birth to the Bear was pretty quick in first timer terms but even I was a little taken aback by the speed at which our newest family member shot into the world.

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You know what it is like when you have had a baby.

Everyone is keen to know your birth story, how long was it, did it hurt? Did you have pain relief?

And for those who haven’t given birth what do the contractions and labour feel like?

All relevant and totally normal questions right?

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