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New Frontiers – New Zealand – Queenstown

New Zealand – Part 2

Yeah I know it’s a bit delayed.  Did you miss me?! Soz I’ve had a bit on my plate, but I’m back now so all is right with the world again! Anyway on to Part 2 of our NZ hols.  . . .

Our recent holiday to New Zealand wasn’t just about skiing which is why we chose to stay in Queenstown – or QTown as the locals call it (actually I have no idea if they do but I like it! Welcome to QTooown said with an American accent!) I don’t know why I’m telling you this , this is a tangent let’s move on:-

As our 3 hour flight came into land at the tiny QT Airport (I’m abbreviating even more now, think I need to chill) the scenery we were greeted with, through the small window of the plane was absolutely breathtaking. Read more…


New Frontiers – New Zealand 

We have just returned from our very first family ski holiday to amazing New Zealand. It was everything that we imagined it to be and more besides. Such a stunning place.

Read more…

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