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2013 – More new beginnings.

Well well well, 2013 is nearly over, how did that blimmin happen!

I can’t believe how quickly it seems to have flown by yet again, just like 2012!

Last year I linked up with the lovely Grace for my review of the year and check me out – I am only doing it again!

I called 2012 my year of big changes and while I am definitely more settled having spent the year living in one Hemisphere, 2013 has certainly had some changes all of its own.
So without further ado-here comes my review – ha that rhymes (I am wasted here!)

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Living the dream.

Der ner ner nerrrr . . .*

Previously on theonlywayismelbourne the ‘Home and Away’ series

I had a dream

It came true.

I had arrived in Summer Bay

My fabulous acting skills meant that I very nearly got offered a part as Brax’s hot English totty.

Cept I didn’t.

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I had a dream

I had a dream.

A  precious dream held since I was a nipper.
I wasn’t sure I would ever realise this special dream and when husb hit me with the devastating news that he didn’t share my dream I was beyond shocked. I mean these are the sorts of fundamentals that you should discuss with your future husband. Having a shared vision is hugely important when it comes to building a solid long lasting relationship isn’t it.

How could I have not realised we were so poles apart on this important aspect. How had I not dealt with this at the time?

Looking back maybe I thought; as many women do, that he would change his mind, that given time he’d see how important it was to me and would come round to the idea.

I won’t lie, when I finally came to the realisation that this was not going to happen, I was devastated, and as my dream lay in tatters I thought it was all but over.
I mean without husb where was the meaning in pursuing my dream, could I do it alone, did I even want to if I had no one to share it with?

My dream, so important to me, was left on a shelf to gather dust.
. . . . .

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Sydney Shenanigans

Last weekend we took on Sydney. We have been meaning to go for ages, after all it is the iconic Australian city. We can’t go to/live in Australia without going at least once.

As it turned out once is definitely not enough, we did all the main sights this weekend as none of us had been to Sydney before. (By ‘none’ I mean me or husb, the Bear would be doing well if he had managed to go without us, I know they grow up so fast nowadays but that would be pushing it I think).
To make sure that we got to see as much as possible we stayed pretty centrally in Darling Harbour.

Apparently I missed a HUGE blogging conference that was taking place in Sydney by a matter of 2 days, you Aussie bloggers may have heard of it DPCON13? Well I may have missed it, but I am hoping that I have learnt something bloggy anyway by virtue of being in the same city soon afterwards, maybe by blogsmosis or something.

I also found out that I missed Ellen Degeneres by 1 day, she left to go to Melbourne the day that we arrived from Melbourne. Then she flew out of Melbourne the day we flew back to Melbourne. Seriously, anyone would think she was deliberately trying to avoid me. I mean, really, you go to a celebrities house with an ‘I love Ellen’ t-shirt on, you camp outside the house for a couple of months and suddenly you’re a stalker. It was one time Ellen, one time*. Can’t we let bygones be bygones?

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